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American Indians at ITB

By John Deleva
on Thursday, March 20th, 2014

IMG_1758A friend of mine was sitting around a table with friends when a passerby stopped and asked: “Are you a real Indian?” He responded softly, “I am . . . we all are,” while motioning to each of his friends, no two who looked alike but all who were, indeed, very real Indians.

Working with AIANTA (American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association) for the past five years, most recently at ITB in Berlin last week, I am still astonished at their diversity, not just in physical appearance, but in their customs, fashion, regalia, language, music, food and many other nuances of lifestyle. Read entire post >


Volcano Top Revelations

By John Deleva
on Thursday, June 27th, 2013

MSHMount St. Helens is a very conquerable peak – much more so since it exploded in 1980. The blast that sent soot around the globe also shaved more than 1,300 feet off one of Washington State’s iconic Cascade Peaks. It’s more of a long hike than a climb up the 8,363-foot mountain, and the view from the top is as stunning as the ones that reward climbers from the peak of much more prominent and taller neighbors Mount Hood and Mount Rainier. Read entire post >


Destination: Capitol Hill

By John Deleva
on Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

IMG_0363I can’t think of a better way to start a congressional meeting than by passing around a container of Almond Roca. The almond-butter crunch treats are made in Tacoma, Washington, so it made sense for Washington State Senator Patty Murray’s staff to put us all in a good mood with small doses of the world’s finest chocolate and almond covered toffee. The first of our 12 congressional meetings was off to a good start. Read entire post >

Around the World in Berlin

By John Deleva
on Friday, March 8th, 2013

IMG_0276We should have taken more than three hours and 24 minutes to go around the world today. At least we slowed down in Italy, and Turkey, for some heavenly doses of caffeine. And we did let the violins lure us onto the streets of Buenos Aires for a brief tango. Sure, we stopped again for a little samba show in nearby Brazil that was simply too much fun to pass. It was impossible to cross Africa without taking a little safari, too. Still, we should have taken more than three hours and 24 minutes . . . but work cut our globetrotting short. Oh well, I guess that’s why we’re here. Read entire post >

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