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Personalization and Optimization: The New Peanut Butter and Jelly

Combine These Two Marketing Strategies for a More Impactful Customer Experience

Marketing teams are inundated everyday with scary statistics about subpar digital experiences and wasted marketing dollars. Often, the answer to these issues is to personalize or optimize content on your online channels. But what do these two strategies really mean? When should one be used over the other? Or are personalization and optimization complementary strategies meant to be used together?

Our take: Personalization and optimization are the new peanut butter and jelly. Together they help destination marketers succeed in this new era of customer experience. 


Personalization is the process of delivering content based on a user’s demographics, interests, preferences,...

Director of Research and Online Marketing

The Hyper-Informed Traveler, a Decade of Growth

How Travel Media Usage Has Changed Over the Last Decade

Travelers are using media from more sources and across more points in their travel experiences than ever before. We have coined the term, the “Hyper-Informed Traveler”, to reflect a highly complex and fragmented media landscape.  For more on this, check out my blog post, "The Rise of the Hyper-Informed Traveler"

Working with our research partner Destinations Analysts, who have tracked US leisure traveler behavior, interests and media use over the last 11+ years, we took a long term look at how media use has changed over the last decade, which is summarized in our new research resource, The Hyper-Informed Traveler.


Director of Research and Online Marketing
Destination Marketing

Dealing with Disasters

New Research on the Impact of Natural and Man-made Disasters on Travel Intentions Over Time

The last few years have seen an accelerating number of both natural and man-made disasters impacting destinations around the world. 

In the U.S., increasing wild fires across the west and flooding events in the east and south have increased and become more severe.  Recent fires in California and Colorado follow the pattern of earlier and more damaging fires as well as the continual “fire season”.  In storms and other wet weather occurences, the trend is the same.  For example in late May,...

Director of Research and Online Marketing

Google Brings Changes, Challenges and Opportunities

As part of the ESTO Webinar Series, Miles’ webinar highlights how destinations & their industry partners can enhance their presence across Google for free

Over the last couple of years, Google has been quickly evolving both search and its travel related platforms. These enhancements have created challenges and opportunities for the travel industry. Google notes this evolution is in response to changing travel behavior and technology shifts.  In addition, new technologies and the power of artificial intelligence has spurred the growth of voice search, intelligent assistants, smart speakers are more. This is a trend that is beginning to change how we conduct and interact with travel related searches.

In this blog, we highlight some of these changes and what this means for destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and tourism businesses of all types.

Video Creative Director
Online Video

…It’s Why They’re Called “The Talent”

Back in the day, I got roped into being in a bunch of fun, silly, behind-the-scenes videos that chronicled our shenanigans on the road – emphasis on the shenanigans.  Being one without shame, I have no problem being the slap-stick humorist, the self-deprecator on camera.  Maybe laughter is the mask I hide behind, but why is it that some people are born photogenic and some of us, well, look like a seasick walrus* on-camera even when trying not to be funny?

You’ve heard of someone having that “IT” factor, that certain je ne sais quoi.  Be in the presence of someone famous (even when you don’t know they’re famous) and you’re likely to find that there’s something magnetic about them.  But even among mere mortals, true talent has something there that transcends the boundaries of teachable skills or good looks (though that doesn’t hurt either).  It’s like the camera has this magic decoder that can peer inside the inner sanctums of the soul, or something.