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Leave the Highway, Take the Cannoli

By John Deleva
on Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

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I like the story of Wallace, Idaho, and the spunk of its citizens, from the miners, madams and rail magnets of the 19th century to the locals that saved the place in the 20th. Residents made a smart move here in the 1970s and had the entire downtown placed on the National Register of Historic Places. That meant the feds couldn’t come in with wrecking balls and asphalt and run four lanes over 100+ years of colorful history. They had to engineer a mile-long interstate over the town.

We never pass this northern Idaho gem without a quick stop for a shot of espresso and a stroll atop its historic sidewalks. But the last time there we arrived at an odd hour, and our regular spots were closed. We walked the other direction and found the D & G Bakery. Read entire post >


Vacation Nation

By Carrie Barker
on Thursday, August 14th, 2014

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Unlike most other developed countries, the United States has no minimum vacation law. Check out this nifty map to compare us versus the world. (While you’re there, sign the petition if you want — today is the last day.) What’s more, even for those workers who have paid vacation time almost half of all those days don’t get used.

Even if this isn’t a legislative matter, it is one of the barriers potential visitors to our destinations face. As travel marketers we need to find ways to minimize that obstacle for people who want to experience new places. Are there policies that enable and encourage employees to indulge in more leisure travel? I found a few examples of companies that offer more than PTO: Read entire post >


Case Study: Louisiana Brewery Trail Interactive Media Campaign

By Erin Marvin
on Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

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logoLouisiana has long been a culinary destination, famed for its Cajun and Creole cuisine and other regional specialties, but over the years has seen a steady increase in national and international tourists seeking out the state’s craft breweries. (After all, what goes better with boudin than a local brew?) In order to capitalize on this new niche market, the state enlisted Miles in early 2014 to create an interactive media campaign to promote the newly established Louisiana Brewery Trail. Read entire post >

To Bing or Not to Bing?

By Yoshi Giarratana
on Thursday, July 31st, 2014

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Whether you’re the new kid on the block or an expert, you know that paid search can get complex, and fast. There are many tools, search engines, programs and more to help increase reach and manage your account(s). When looking to expand beyond Google in reach, one should not overlook Bing Ads. Here I’ve listed some pros to advertising with Bing Ads.

But before getting into the benefits, let’s dive into what Bing Ads is. Bing Ads provides pay-per-click advertising on both Bing and Yahoo search engines from one platform.

Bing & Yahoo combined only make up 28.7 percent of the search market share and, while this may seem like a curse in terms of reach, it is also a blessing. Here are some reasons why: Read entire post >

Five Lessons of “Mandatory Fun” for Marketing Success

By Doug Luciani
on Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

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If I asked you to identify the music artist who released their first song in 1979, had a successful 35 year music career, and released a number one album in 2014—who would you name?

If you came up with anyone other than Weird Al Yankovic you’re wrong. Despite having a successful and relevant music career over four decades, Weird Al’s new album—Mandatory Fun—is his first to top the charts.

Who would have thought that Weird Al’s musical staying power would be more relevant today than Madonna, Sting, Prince or some of industry’s other major icons?

But perhaps the more important question is, “How did he do it?” Read entire post >

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