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Part 2 of The Decline (and Death?) of Facebook as an Organic Publishing Platform

By Chris Adams
on Thursday, August 28th, 2014

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Part 2 of 2. Read the first installment of this Blog here.

Facebook Cementery

Now that Facebook has morphed into a primarily paid publishing platform for businesses, it’s time for every tourism marketer to pause and rethink your approach to Facebook and your wider communication and online strategy. Here are six critical takeaways to consider in this review:

1. Update Your Social Media and Content Strategy.
In this new environment, it is time to review and refine your social media and content strategy. What is clear is  i. quality content counts now more than ever, ii. Facebook needs to be run primarily as a paid media platform and iii. Facebook’s management needs tight integration with your other online (and offline) advertising channels. Review and update your objectives for the platform. What does success look like and how will you measure ROI?

2. Quality Content Over Quantity.
For organizations with a significant online community – and a reasonable level of engagement, then impactful posts can still generate some level of unpaid, organic reach. The quality, not the quantity of posts, by your organizations counts more than ever in this new environment. Review your content and communication strategy for Facebook with an emphasis on top-performing content types such as highly engaging imagery, online video and fewer words. Review your past posts and those of your competitors and peers to see what content has engaged most effectively. Leverage Facebook’s Insight Analytics.  Be prepared to “boost” your message when you generate some positive organic reach. The terminal decline of organic reach on Facebook is another reason to ensure your organization is investing seriously in creating engaging content about your destination or tourism business – for all your channels, including web, email, print and social. Read entire post >


The Decline (and Death?) of Facebook as an Organic Publishing Platform

By Chris Adams
on Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

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Part 1 of a 2 Part Blog

Something has changed at Facebook – and it is turning social media marketing upside down. Over the last 12-24 months Facebook has been slowly changing the social media platform into primarily a “paid publishing” platform for businesses – including destination and hotel marketers. This is because to reach any significant number of your own fans/followers you now need to advertise on the platform. Facebook Cementery

An online community which grew explosively based on free, open conversation by its members -  has suddenly become a “pay-to-play” platform for business.

Typical organic posts from commercial entities – which are not sponsored or “boosted” in any way – are now reaching only a small faction (1%-2%) of their own fans/followers on Facebook. This change has been driven by slow but steady changes in Facebook’s “EdgeRank,” the complex algorithm that controls what content you see in your News Feed. Only the most engaged fans/followers that have been actively interacting with your content – commenting on or sharing it with their friends – are now likely to see any of your posts. Facebook claims this is due to “Content Shock” and the need to tightly filter the huge volume of content that most fans/followers are potentially exposed to and only deliver that which is most relevant and engaging.

However, many experts have also seen aggressive steps by Facebook to monetize the platform and drive value from the huge online community. Wall Street has big expectations. Read entire post >

Exploring Colorado’s Roots

By Hannah Brown
on Thursday, August 21st, 2014

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This past May, Miles debuted Colorado Roots, a brand-new guide for local-food eaters, craft-beer lovers, scenic-byway drivers, fresh-fruit pickers, history-museum browsers, tiny-lamb petters and dude-ranch fanciers.

This fun first edition was produced with the Colorado Tourism Office’s Heritage & Agritourism Program, which promotes the state’s agricultural roots and rich cultural heritage through authentic, off-the-beaten path pickers, history-museum browsers, tiny-lamb petters and dude-ranch fanciers.

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Leave the Highway, Take the Cannoli

By John Deleva
on Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

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I like the story of Wallace, Idaho, and the spunk of its citizens, from the miners, madams and rail magnets of the 19th century to the locals that saved the place in the 20th. Residents made a smart move here in the 1970s and had the entire downtown placed on the National Register of Historic Places. That meant the feds couldn’t come in with wrecking balls and asphalt and run four lanes over 100+ years of colorful history. They had to engineer a mile-long interstate over the town.

We never pass this northern Idaho gem without a quick stop for a shot of espresso and a stroll atop its historic sidewalks. But the last time there we arrived at an odd hour, and our regular spots were closed. We walked the other direction and found the D & G Bakery. Read entire post >


Vacation Nation

By Carrie Barker
on Thursday, August 14th, 2014

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Unlike most other developed countries, the United States has no minimum vacation law. Check out this nifty map to compare us versus the world. (While you’re there, sign the petition if you want — today is the last day.) What’s more, even for those workers who have paid vacation time almost half of all those days don’t get used.

Even if this isn’t a legislative matter, it is one of the barriers potential visitors to our destinations face. As travel marketers we need to find ways to minimize that obstacle for people who want to experience new places. Are there policies that enable and encourage employees to indulge in more leisure travel? I found a few examples of companies that offer more than PTO: Read entire post >

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