Inspiration and planning punch up the city’s economic impact

Visit Baltimore Website Redesign
When you serve the visitors’ needs, you serve the industry
Baltimore website inspires travelers, connects them with industry partners


To make the new as creative, innovative, inspirational and engaging as the city itself while strengthening the connection between leisure travelers and industry partners. It’s all about effectively combining inspiration and planning to punch up your economic impact.


We invested in a new design and innovative functionality to improve navigation and user experience and employed parallax scrolling to enhance image display. And we planned for the future with a site built on a responsive-design framework that is adaptable to all devices at any time.

We coupled the improved user interface with an investment in more engaging content—content not simply to inform, but also to inspire. Informative editorial content and neighborhood video tours showcase the beauty of Baltimore, and highlight all of the reasons to visit or meet here.

And many sites stop there.

But with Baltimore, we wanted to do more than simply lead inspired travel planners to long, dull lists of industry partners. Instead, we pulled partners forward, using an easy-to-read and interactive format. Whether meeting professionals or tourists are exploring on mobile, tablet or desktop devices, they’ll find partner information in multiple areas across the site and in a friendlier format.

Since the April 2014 launch, all major engagement statistics are trending sharply upward


Greater economic impact. Who can argue with that? Baltimore’s leisure and meetings travel industry now has a website that reflects the best that Baltimore has to offer. Launched in April 2014 and winner of the 2014 Outstanding Website Award from the Web Marketing Association, the new creatively presents relevant planning information, provides more engaging, inspirational and innovative content and puts partners’ information right at visitors’ fingertips. Ultimately, this means the new Visit Baltimore website will be more results driven—and bring more visitors to Baltimore’s tourism partners.

In fact, since launch all major engagement statistics are trending sharply upwards. As of September 2014, organic visits and page views have increased by 70% over the previous year. Signals of Intent to Travel have also increased: eNews signups are up 252%, visitor guide requests are up 73% and online guide views are up 90%.

Check out the video overview of the new site below.


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