Dream Big. Deliver Big. California Succeeds By Giving Away the Click

Visit California Dream Big Co-opportunity Media Campaign
Dream Big. Deliver Big. California Succeeds By Giving Away the Click
Choices of high- and mid-funnel co-op campaigns benefit partners and the state


To use co-ops as a bridge between Visit California’s focus on inspiration and their industry partners’ wealth of planning information to leverage up-funnel brand impact and reach qualified new markets—something the industry can’t easily do on its own.

The state’s program would build the Visit California brand while providing partners with opportunities for either mass reach or targeted marketing by interest. And in an unprecedented move, Visit California would drive traffic directly to co-op partner websites, ensuring engagement and clicks for the industry while the state gained broader reach for the brand.


This brand campaign was part of the state’s Dream Big launch, leveraging a $17 million media investment to engage visitors with inspiring content. With Visit California providing a match, partners could stretch their investments significantly.

Miles, working with Visit California, created a two-pronged program. The first option was a high-funnel, mass-reach brand campaign featuring interactive, video-based ads. Using Google Lightbox ad units, partners were given the opportunity to showcase their own branded video alongside the state’s brand. 

The second option was a more targeted, mid-funnel program that focused on banner ads with interest-based messaging that aligned with Visit California’s key experience pillars. Tribal Fusion’s advanced platform targeting ensured the campaign would reach highly qualified audiences.

$17 million media investment to engage visitors with inspiring content


In the mass-reach video campaign program, partners such as Visit Santa Barbara and San Francisco Travel saw interactions from more than 300,000 users and engagement rates that exceeded the industry benchmark by nearly 50%. This success came at a CPE of only $.13. 

In the targeted, interest-based program, Team San Jose, Sonoma County Tourism, Santa Cruz County Tourism Council and other partners received more than 6 million impressions and a CPC of under $1—less than half the cost of average targeted display ads—while Visit California received twice as many brand impressions because of partner investment.

Dreams do come true.






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