Time for DMOcracy

A Global Study of Best Practices for Partnering with Local Residents & Industry

Opportunity to Participate in the North American & Oceania Editions of this Global Study

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The European Edition has just kicked off with 19+ cities and destinations participating including Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Zurich, and Greenland. 
The North American and Oceania Editions is being run by Miles Partnership association with our global partners Group NAO, Global Destination Sustainability Movement, TCI Research and the Travel Foundation.

Access the study overview here.

The Time for DMOcracy study deliverables will include:

1. Global survey of how DMOs engage with residents and industry partners
2. Learning Labs and focus groups – collaborate and learn from experts and other global DMOs
3. In depth case studies of programs and processes from around the world
4. Best practices and resources for resident and industry sentiment research
5. Best practices for engaging with diverse and minority communities
6. Survey of the best digital tools and platforms for engaging with residents and industry
7. White papers and presentation of global best practices
8. Boot camp and conference

Timeline:  January to September 2022 with the wrap up conference in October 2022

Cost: $6,500 to $9,500 USD per participating DMO


Expression of Interest. Limited spots are available – indicate your DMO’s interest here

We will send you a detailed summary of the study to review & follow up to check if you wish to participate.