Google DMO Partnership Program

Google DMO Partnership Program 

The Google DMO Partnership Program is an initiative that seeks to engage destinations around the world through opportunities to enhance consumer-facing content across a range of Google’s products and tools.

The Google DMO Partnership Program was introduced at the Destinations International Annual Convention in July 2017 and has been growing steadily since then. About 100 destination marketing organizations have enrolled in the program that is designed to provide tools and tactics to improve the completeness, quality and accuracy of destination content across Google Maps, Destination Travel Guides, the Google Trips app and more. 

As part of the program, Google provides free access to 13 tools and solutions for DMOs through its Knowledge Base. Access to the Knowledge Base requires an application be submitted on behalf of the official DMO. 

Miles Partnership is supporting Google in the roll out of the program to DMOs globally and provides support services designed to help organizations maximize their results. Miles offers paid assistance with auditing of destination content across the Google product ecosystem, providing staff training and industry education resources, content creation and optimization assistance and other expert support. 

To find out more about the destination support services offered by Miles, please email Kim Palmer, Program Manager, or call her at +1 941 342 2312. 

Program Update (Q4 2018)

  • More than 70 DMOs across 4 countries (including six US state tourism offices and one US territory) are working with Miles on program support services and industry education.
  • The measurable impact of the program has been significant. The destination content added to Google has generated more than 38 million views and counting. 
  • Thousands of travel-related businesses have attended educational events, including webinars and in-person workshops, hosted by dozens of DMOs in multiple countries. More than 95% of attending businesses who completed surveys rated the session information as “Extremely Valuable" or “Valuable.” 

Additional Resources

  • Expanding Your Presence on Google: As part of US Travel’s ESTO Webinar Series Miles’ Kim Palmer, Chris Adams and CA Clark introduced the Google DMO Partnership Program and provided simple, free steps any DMO or tourism business can do to enhance their presence on Google.
  • Miles Blog Posts: The “Google Brings Change, Challenges & Opportunities” blog, developed in conjunction with the US Travel webinar, highlights changes happening with Google’s platforms and what this means for DMOs and tourism businesses. Check out additional related blog posts here.
  • Google Street View Summit Presentation: At Google’s Street View Summit in May 2018, CA Clark introduced the role of DMOs to Street View partners, summarized the program as well as Miles’ support services. 
  • Posts on Google Webinar: Miles Partnership and Google held a webinar highlighting Posts on Google, a new solution for DMOs. The webinar featured presentations from Posts on Google Product Manager, Aditya Mahesh and Miles Partnership Content Director, Patrick Rodgers. For more information on how to apply for a free Posts on Google account and for additional tips and best practices, click here.
  • Resources for DMOs & Tourism Businesses: Miles offers simple, one page summaries with five tips for both DMOs and tourism businesses wishing to enhance their presence on Google at no cost (please contact us for free copies).  We offer a far more extensive set of resources and information (branded for a DMO) as part of our expert support services. 
  • New Technology and Trends in Street View Webinar: In this spotlight segment during The State of the American Traveler webinar, CA Clark introduced the new cameras and opportunities for creating 360 content for destinations or tourism businesses on Google Street View.
  • Destinations International Presentation: At the 2018 Destinations International Annual Convention, Google and Miles hosted a workshop on the Google DMO Partnership Program one year after the initial introductory workshop at the 2017 convention. The 2018 workshop session shared insights and results from the program in addition to the latest tools and tips for DMOs and tourism businesses. 

Contact Us for More Information:

For North American DMOs, contact Nate Huff at +1 941 342 2360

For DMOs outside of North America, contact Chris Adams at +1 303 842 3394 or +64 9 974 2452