Google DMO Partnership Program Support Services


For destinations interested in maximizing the impact from their involvement in the Google DMO Partnership Program, Miles offers a variety of support services.

Audit & Workplan

Take a deep dive into the destination’s current footprint inside of the Google’s products, learn more about where destination content can surface, and get some help from Miles’ experts to improve the quality and completeness of destination information. 


Provide unique value to your business community through tactical training ranging from webinars and workshops covering best practices in Google, or deliver access to a comprehensive Local Business Marketing Academy that helps your partners market themselves across a variety of popular digital platforms.

Content Creation

Miles’ team members are certified as Streetview Trusted Providers and have unique experience creating 360-degree photospheres, virtual tours and Streetview content for destinations. Improving Street View content for your destination can impact economic development, increase visibility of community businesses, improve navigation functionality in-market, provide value to meeting planners, and enhance consumer perception. We use only the highest-quality equipment and provide turn-key solutions. Content can be DMO-branded to extend the reach of your organization within Google.

Quarterly Support

We can provide ongoing services for destinations who want to extend the program support. You’ll receive updates on recent changes within Google products, reporting on results, assistance with ongoing activation and optimization efforts, as well as support for any questions or needs that arise along the way.

Listing Management

There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity for visibility directly related to Google My Business listings that belong to the destination marketing organization. We can assist you with management and optimization within Google My Business for locations such as convention centers, visitor centers, state parks, and other relevant listings.

Case Studies

Read more about some of our successes! Miles has worked with more than 90 destinations around the world on customized programs to deliver measurable results inside of the Google product environment, expand the organic reach of DMO content, and provide unique value to local tourism businesses in the form of tactical education workshops on behalf of DMOs. 



If you’re interested in learning more about Miles’ Support Services for the Google DMO Partnership Program, contact Kim Palmer.