Launch of Google Posts to Destination Marketing Organizations

Google has just expanded Posts on Google for destinations (cities, regions, states) to post events, news and updates for free on their destinations. Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) can apply for an official account to post as the lead agency on behalf of your city or destination. 


Webinar Resources: Posts on Google for Destinations: Launch & Training Webinar for DMOs 

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Read our new blog post on 7 Best Practices for DMOs to Use with Posts on Google

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Apply for a Posts on Google Account for Your Destination

Use the form linked below to apply for an account for your city or destination. The Posts on Google team will then check if you are the official Destination Marketing Organization and be back in contact with additional details. 

Complete this form to apply for the Google DMO Partnership Program and/or Posts on Google for your Destination

Read more details about Google Posts here.


Google DMO Partnership Program

Posts on Google is part of a wider initiative by Google for DMOs to review, update and enhance content on their destination across Google Platforms & Products.  Read more about this initiative