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With changes in technology come changes in how people make decisions. It’s time to significantly change how we think about the travel-buying process.

Google and Facebook have influence over 70% of all internet traffic. Google has made a pivotal shift to own the lion’s share of the travelers path to purchase which mandates a shift in how we market to travelers.

Fast Facts:

  • Google owns 90% of all search (StatCounter)
  • There are 2 trillion searches per year, 5.6 billion a day (SearchEngineLand)
  • 40% of these searches (2.24 billion a day), no longer will result in a click to your site which is already impacting organic traffic to your site. (SearchEngineLand)


Google's previous role as a 'referring' site, sending traffic outbound to the most relevant website against the search query is so 2017. Google's pivot to becoming an 'answer engine', is massively impacting organic traffic to tourism and hospitality partners as Google is retaining the consumer within the Google eco-system, instead of sending them to outbound, to your site.

Google is quickly becoming the place where travelers decide where to go, what to do, where to eat and where to stay. Now is the time to meet consumers where they are, with engaging visual assets and timely promotions all while leveraging audience insights from Google to inform your marketing strategy.

As more engagement than ever before is happening outside of your owned channels - now being dominated by Google - it is more important than ever to manage your footprint in the Google eco-system. Google has empowered businesses to influence information through Google My Business listings, which gives businesses the tools to improve the quality and accuracy of information available within Google’s products.

Google My Business Listings Convert Travelers:

Consistently maintained GMB listings increase your reach by 5x and your likelihood of being featured in the coveted Local Pack.**

Google My Business signals are the leading rank factor in local search.**


Complete GMB listings experience on average, a 35% increase in clicks.*


Users who view complete listings are 30% more likely to visit or purchase from your business.*


Fresh visual assets increase reach by 10-30%.*


Businesses with complete information are nearly 3x more trusted by consumers.*


88% of consumer local business searches on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours.***


*Source: Oxera. (2014). The Benefits of Complete Business Listings, a report prepared for Google. Oxford, UK. Retrieved from:



Why is This Important?

Your Google My Business information is being surfaced and fed into all of Google's products and the reach is staggering. If you're not actively managing your footprint across Google, you're losing business.


  1. Your business profile is an enormous source of exposure for your business and is often, the largest source:
    • Your reach across Google is often 13x the reach of your owned channels.
    • For Example: A restaurant received 7,000 website visits in a quarter whereas on Google, they realized 100,000 views during that same time.
  2. Your Google My Business information is being surfaced across all Google products including:
  3. Much of your business information isn't coming from you, it's coming from your customers:
    • User-Generated-Content (UGC) is often the bulk of the content representing your business - estimated at 80%!
    • Google has over 50 million local guides who can not only post photos, reviews and ratings, they can make edits to your business, change your location and answer your customers questions about your services.


The Miles Partnership Google My Business Program:

When you participate in our Google My Business program, you're partnering with experts. We've been solely focused on the travel and tourism industry for over 65 years and our team of 240 travel experts works along-side over 110 destinations and resorts all over the world to engage and convert travelers.

In 2017, we launched our Google Destinations Program and have worked with over 75 destinations to-date, loading over 20,000 assets and generating over 84 million views, driving an increase of 13 million actions for our partners.

Now, we're bringing our expertise to resorts, restaurants and attractions to give you a leg-up on your competition.

The Google My Business Program is a Full-Service, Turn-Key Solution Including:

  1. Audit:

    We do a deep-dive on how travelers are searching for and finding your business and what they find when they do including a thorough review of all of your assets including:

    • Factual information and hours
    • Photos, Video, 360 Photospheres and Street View content
    • Questions & Answers
    • Posts
    • User-Generated-Content (UGC)

    We present our findings and recommendations to you along with performance benchmarks for the program.

  2. Implementation and Set-Up:
    • Implementation:

      Our team will build-out a robust presence with engaging visual assets, a solid Q&A section and Posts that drive engagement and conversion.

      • Visual Assets: We build-out your footprint by uploading your photos, video, 360 Photospheres and Street View content.
      • Questions & Answers: We create a robust Q&A section, building trust and authority, creating engagement and pre-qualifying clicks.
      • Posts: We create timely and relevant posts (hotels are excluded by Google) to increase engagement and drive conversions.
      • Increasing Reach: We optimize your categories and amenities from an ever-expanding list of 4,000 to extend your reach in discovery searches.
    • Set-Up: We want you to be successful. We provide detailed instructions for your admin to set-up a write a review button, enable notifications for reviews and answers (consider our online reputation management services to ensure prompt customer replies), menus, reservations and ticket sales.
  3. Management:

    Having a well-maintained listing not only increases engagement and conversion, it dictates your exposure earning you 5x reach and increasing your chances of getting into the coveted Local Pack in search results.

    • Weekly Review: Thorough audit of all user-generated content, flagging any inappropriate content to Google.
      • Visual assets: photos/video/360
      • Factual information
      • Answers
    • Monthly Management: Every month, we’ll create new marketing Posts and up-load new visual assets which increases your reach by 10-30%.
  4. Insights:

    If you’re not actively extrapolating data from your GMB analytics, you’re missing out on an entire universe of data that should be informing your marketing strategy. We’ll deliver a visual, easy-to-digest quarterly dashboard report highlighting the below against benchmarks and YoY data:

    • Total views
    • How and where you’re being found
    • Clicks to website
    • Clicks to call
    • Requests for directions
    • Photos and video views
    • Views of Google Posts
    • Map views
    • Direct and discovery searches

    Google rewards fresh content. This program is not a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ initiative. Our team of experts will create a robust footprint across the Google eco-system and will consistently maintain your footprint.

In summary, the Miles Partnership Google My Business Program aims to:

  1. Expand your reach by an average of 5x
  2. Grow traffic by an average 35%
  3. Increase conversions by an average of 30%
  4. Create trust with consumers by nearly 3x

Top 5 Reasons to Partner Re-Cap

  1. Shifting Landscape: Google is pivoting from sending traffic outbound to retaining users in the Google eco-system. 40% of Google searches will no longer result in an outbound click—impacting organic traffic to your website.
  2. Visibility: Optimized listings get 5x more reach across Google—GMB listing information is used throughout: Search, Maps, Google Assistant, Travel Guides, and more.
  3. On-Going Management: Upwards of 80% of information about your business isn’t coming from you—it’s coming from customers and 50+ million Google Local Guides who post photos, write reviews, edit your business information and answer questions about your services. We conduct a weekly check, flag any inappropriate content and post new content each month which can result in 10-30% increase in views.
  4. Insights & Analytics: GMB Insights provides data on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Signals of Intent to Travel (SITs) for your business that can be found nowhere else and can inform your overall marketing strategy.
  5. Tourism Expertise: Miles Partnership is 100% focused on travel and tourism, and our experience with GMB management is exclusively focused on best practices for tourism businesses.

These program rates are an introductory offer so contact us today to get your best foot forward, on the world’s largest stage.


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