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Five Critical Digital Marketing Tasks for Tourism and Hospitality Businesses

2021 promises continued volatility for tourism and hospitality businesses around the world as rolling lockdowns and rapidly changing restrictions create both disruptions and opportunities. Here are five critical and completely free digital marketing tasks that your business or businesses in your destination need to be on top of. 

Watch the 10-minute summary video here:

#1 - Claim all your business listings.

This seems obvious, but Miles Partnership has audited over 100,000 business listings across 238 destinations around the world and found between 25% and 40% of the business listings in a given destination are unclaimed. Focus on claiming business listings on platforms with the biggest footprint first. In order of importance,...

Capturing Google Street View in Bermuda

Since its launch at the Destinations International Annual Convention in 2017, the Google DMO Partnership Program has received significant industry attention. An initiative that seeks to engage destinations around the world, the program offers opportunities for destinations to learn more about ways to enhance their consumer-facing content across Google’s range of products. One such opportunity is to capture and share Street View 360 imagery of destinations.

The decision-making process for travelers choosing a destination can take months and involve thousands of different digital touchpoints. While maps used to be seen as just a wayfinding tool, they are increasingly being used by travelers for gaining a better understanding of a destination before making the decision to visit. The ability for potential travelers to virtually immerse themselves in a destination before they book can be incredibly powerful, and there’s no better tool to help that process than Google’s Street View platform.

Four Quick Strategies for Improving Conversion

Here are four things independent hotels and resorts can do right now to help improve conversions

For hotels and resorts, the competitive landscape has become increasingly ugly over the last 18 months. Organic traffic growth has significantly slowed (see Kim Palmer’s recent post on this subject for more). Competition in the PPC marketplace has cut purchase power. Increasingly aggressive OTAs spend millions convincing customers not to book direct. Even companies that have up until recently been considered partners are implementing programs that leech both traffic and dollars away from the hotel. 

What’s an independent hotel to do?

In the face of these challenges, hoteliers are increasingly turning to optimization techniques to maximize their conversions on the traffic they already have,...

Why You Need a Phone for Your Phone

Have you seen this thing? HTC has created an accessory for your phone that is… a smaller phone. No, really! It’s like a little handset with physical number keys and a little LCD screen. It’s just like your old Nokia phone, except it doesn’t have that snake game and it’s not really a phone. Instead, the HTC Mini+ just connects to your phone via Bluetooth so you can use it to make calls. Calls from your ACTUAL cell phone, the one that you’re carrying in your pocket, purse or briefcase.

The Mini+ was roundly lambasted as an exercise in excess – like a remote for your TV remote...

My Responsive Design Isn’t Responding!

Unless you’ve been holed up in your Mayan apocalypse bunker for the last year, you’ve probably heard something about Responsive Design. Called by many names, and difficult to consistently define, Responsive and/or Adaptive Design are essentially concepts that aim to make the web easier to use on a wide variety of devices. More or less, the goal is to take a single piece of content displayed on a single HTML page and rearrange, reformat and show/hide parts of the content to suit different display sizes.

This is important, because where we used to be dealing with, say, three or four different browsers or operating systems, we’re now dealing with multiple browsers across multiple operating systems across multiple devices with wildly different aspect ratios and resolutions. The number of combinations is staggering and continues to grow on an almost...