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A New Normal for DMO Website Organic Traffic

Our latest study of 36 DMOs highlights even greater challenges to DMO website traffic – and the importance of partnerships with major platforms like Google.

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For the last 3+ years, Miles Partnership has been analyzing, blogging and speaking about the dramatic changes we are seeing to the organic traffic of destination and other tourism websites. Organic traffic makes up more than 50% of the website traffic on average for DMOs* but this critical and free source of traffic is under mounting pressure.  


Overtourism Tool Kit

Best practices and resources for managing tourism growth in your destination

Tourism around the world has been growing fast with total visitor spending now in excess of $7 trillion USD and 11% of global GDP. More than $1.3 trillion of this spending is from 1.2 billion international travelers. This growth is being driven by several long-term trends including rapidly expanding middle classes in developing countries, rebounding economies after the Great Financial Crisis and a shift from goods to services in consumer preferences – including those seeking travel experiences.

This growth is creating an increasing range of problems that Skift has coined “Overtourism”.  These problems include crowding and congestion, impact on historic sites, increased waste and environmental degradation. In an increasing number of cities, regions and nations, local residents are expressing their frustration with these impacts and the tourism industry is...

The Unrivalled Quality of a DMO’s Audience

Official Destination Websites and Visitor Guides reach and engage with a highly engaged audience. Research shows these readers and online users are among the most qualified audience in the travel industry. They have a high likelihood of traveling to the destination and use these resources to make booking decisions. This audience is one of the most valuable assets of a DMO and of tremendous appeal to industry partners. Creating opportunities to reach this highly qualified audience is a win-win opportunity: generating revenue and additional content for the DMO, offering a high-quality advertising opportunity for the industry and creating engaged leads and new visitors and guests. 

Reoccurring and independent third-party research studies have highlighted the unrivalled quality of the audience offered by destination visitor guides,...

Gold Rushes & Exhibitions – The History of DMO Partnership Models

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) date back to the 19th century with the establishment of the Detroit Convention and Businessmen’s League in 1896 – an organization that later evolved into the Detroit Metro CVB.

The United States has been the pioneer and innovator in destination marketing, including creative private – public funding models and partnerships.  Early destination marketers were often larger than life personalities who used a savvy combination of evocative storytelling, boosterism and specific events to put their city, territory or state on the map. 


Moving Picture Magic (3 of 3)

8 Key Themes of Top Performing Videos from DMOs

This blog is part of the three blog series, "Moving Picture Magic - Top 10 Performing Online Videos from Destination Marketing Organizations Around the Globe".

In the first 2 blogs of this series, we highlighted 10 video examples from destinations as diverse as Florida and California in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Iceland and Norway. Each illustrated different storytelling devices and elements of successful online video styles in travel. This blog summarizes 8 themes that emerged from the video analysis. Consider these features and characteristics in planning your own online video.