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Food Tourism Fundamentals: Seven Global Best Practices to Celebrate & Develop Your Destination's Cuisine

Food is a fundamental and foundational part of tourism. While visitors’ engagement in a destination’s arts and culture, outdoor activities or specific attractions may vary, every visitor wants to...

Generative AI Use Cases in Travel and Tourism

In the first blog of this blog series, we described the...

Foundations and Principles of Generative AI

Part one of a blog series on what generative AI means for tourism and hospitality

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is the latest iteration of machine learning that is creating both real excitement and concern around the world. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has called AI “the most profound” technology in human history and predicted that it will impact "every company".


3 Essential Commitments for Sustainable Tourism - Earth Day 2023

1. Commit to Nature Positive Tourism
2. Invest in a Real Plan of Action on Climate Change
3. Develop Funding for Sustainable and Regenerative Tourism 

Developing low or zero carbon travel itineraries, as in this example from Nelson/Tasman region of New Zealand, is one simple area of action on climate change. See other suggestions below.  

April 22 is Earth Day, and it serves...

Community Engagement Global Best Practices

It's Time for DMOcracy - Recommendations and Resources from a Major Global Study

Time for DMOcracy is the largest-ever global research and education project on community engagement in tourism. Led by Group NAO and Miles...