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Media Planning: Using Conventional Wisdom in an Unconventional World

While making our way through a presentation of proposed media placements for one of our clients, a go-to wisdom of travel targeting was mentioned: that women are the decision-makers when it comes to planning a vacation and thus should be a focal point when deciding an advertising strategy. 

This, of course, is how it works in my household so I didn’t question it when I learned the stat. Instead, my mind raced through the numerous vacations I’ve been on with my husband. From the destination to the activities to the lodging to the food, it is standard for me to scope out and plan each trip. My husband then just tags along with a smile on his face, holding my hand and saying, “where to next?” So, of course, this must be a true stat across the millions of households we are trying to reach, right? 

And that’s how easy it is to fall into one of the...