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My Top Picks: 20 Free Apps for Traveling Anywhere

Summer is here, and that means summer vacation.

If you’re one of the many Americans who travel in the summer months, you’re probably getting ready to pack a bag and head out of town for a few days. Based on The State of the American Traveler tourism research, travelers are more and more heavily using their mobile devices throughout the travel process. That means that we not only use our devices to start planning a trip, but also use them as we travel. Applications (or Apps) on our devices exist for every kind of need, from predicting traffic conditions to sharing selfies, and are popping up everywhere, allowing us to be ever more connected to the people and places around us. 

In tourism-related apps, today you can even buy an international flight and set up an entire itinerary with the use of an app. Imagine what our grandmothers would think if they heard that! Can I go so far as to say that travel...

House Swap Dissection: The Nuts and Bolts of the Latest Travel Trend

Sure, you’ve heard of it, but don’t really understand it that well. Swapping your house with a total stranger? It may seem like a foreign or even scary concept, but it’s quickly become one of the latest trends in the tourism universe. 

How does it work? The house swap concept is actually quite simple. Basically, you choose a location you want to explore, get in touch with people living in that area, see if they are interested in visiting the area you live in, and if it’s a match, you’re ready to set up your trip. Easy, right? 

During the exchange process, house swappers tend to become friends, and if you know people who have exchanged their home, you’re likely to hear positive stories about their experience. A house exchange is a great way to immerse yourself in the place that you’re visiting, and observe the culture of the...

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Travel Addict

Now that the holiday season has arrived, we know you’re in the throes of gift shopping. Like all good trekkers and globetrotters, each year our minds form pictures of the perfect gizmos and gadgets to enjoy or to take with us on travel adventures. And we know we’re not alone. To quench our curiosity, we’ve done some research and come up with 10 travel-themed gifts that would be perfect for taking on your next trip, near or far. 

Happy exploring, and happy holidays!

1. Moleskin Travel Journal 

This handy little journal measures approximately 3.5in x 5.5in, and is the perfect size for small sketches, maps inserts and quick lists of sites to see as you start your trip. Available in all colors and a variety of themes on the Moleskin website or on...

Destination Highlight: 48 Hours in Copenhagen

The draw of Copenhagen is evident 30 seconds after you step (or glide, depending on your mode of transport) into its city limits. People walk around cheerfully, the air is clear, the streets and canals clean, and the sights are beautiful and modern. Considering Copenhagen is one of Europe’s oldest cities, you may be amazed by its efficiency and modernity, but you shouldn’t be surprised. Denmark has proudly sought to maintain a clean, efficient and friendly atmosphere in its capital city (and throughout the country), and because of continued efforts, it continuously receives top marks on lists of happy and most livable cities in the world. According to the ...

Travel Made Possible By... Your Headset?

You’re standing in a field in Tanzania with your eyes glued on a spot about 40 feet in front of you.

You dare not turn your gaze or move a muscle because the guide standing to your left has just pointed out a lioness and her cubs, out of sight behind a bush you have now centered your focus on. You are about to witness this family plodding the ground together in what is arguably one of the most sensational experiences of the Serengeti. Just as you hear a deep throaty groan, the lioness comes out from behind the bush, with cubs in tow. Then a phone rings from somewhere in the sky, loud and clear. You stand up, put your bare feet on the soft carpet, and run to pick it up. Nope, this is not a dream. With virtual tourism, your imagination has come to life.

How is this done? 

Virtual reality technology today is much more than just a tool for the ultimate gaming experience. Thanks to new developments, top-notch video software and superb filming...