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Colorado Hikes: Where I’ve Been & Where I Want to Go

If you were to ask 100 people that have moved to the state of Colorado in the past five years why they chose to make this state their new home, I would be willing to bet that “outdoor recreation opportunities” would be one of the top three reasons provided. The other two answers might revolve around the amazing variety of breweries located within the state or the easy (and legal) access to that controversial green plant, but my answer is always the amazing outdoor adventures that are now right outside my back door…literally! I live at the foot of the foothills and absolutely love it—and the hiking escapades I’ve had so far are what I want to share with you. I’ve also included some links to trails that are on my list but I haven’t had the opportunity to hike just yet.  

Top 3 “Must Haves” On Your Outdoor Travel Adventures

Recently I moved to the mountains of Colorado from the plains of Kansas. There were many reasons we moved here, but one of the major factors was the endless outdoor adventures we would have right in our backyard. Now, every Saturday, my boyfriend and I venture out to a new and exciting outdoor excursion. With every new experience, I make mistakes and learn something new for the next weekend adventure. Below are some tips for making the most of your own outdoor experience, so that hopefully you don’t have to struggle through the same mistakes I did.