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YouTube SEO & Channel Optimization Best Practices - Optimizing Content (Part 2)

A guide to optimizing your YouTube channel and uploading content with SEO best practices in mind

Uploading Content to YouTube

After uploading your video, you’ll want to take some time to optimize your content.

Do your keyword research. Afterall, YouTube is a form of search engine so ensuring that you have applied search terms that are applicable to your content and maybe even trending will be paramount to the success of your content. Tools like SEMrush or Google Keyword Planner are great options for research. Aim for search terms that appear in at least...

YouTube SEO & Channel Optimization Best Practices - Optimizing Your Channel (Part 1)

A guide to optimizing your YouTube channel and uploading content with SEO best practices in mind

Create video content, they said.  It would be fun, they said. And it is...until all that time and creativity nets you with disappointing views and little engagement. So, what’s the deal?  What’s the secret sauce to unraveling the mysteries of YouTube and its sacred algorithm? 

If you don’t understand how YouTube’s algorithm works, it can make it difficult to present your content on your channel in a way that will get the right viewers to watch and engage with your video. And while YouTube is constantly tweaking the way its algorithm operates to control viewer behavior, here are some of our suggestions on how to optimize your content and channel for the best possible organic results.

Let’s Get Basic

Why do we even care about YouTube anyhow? When you’re the second most-used search engine in the world, built on the first most-used...

Producing in My Pajamas: Adventures in Remote Production (Part 2 – Remote Production 2.0)

(This is a continuation of Producing in My Pajamas Part 1.)

Once upon a pandemic, San Francisco Travel had the opportunity to interview five local celebrities: Coach Steve Kerr (Golden State Warriors), Mayor London Breed, Lexi Pence (YouTube Personality), Hunter Pence (Former San Francisco Giant), and Francis Ford Coppola (Winemaker and Director).  The twist?  San Francisco was on lockdown, and that was only the first challenge of many that we needed to ninja our way around to make this happen.

With this prospect, they wanted to create a hero video that would speak to their COVID recovery messaging and use of the tagline “Our Gate is Open™.”  Given that this was a once-in-a-lifetime...

Producing in My Pajamas: Adventures in Remote Production (Part 1 – Remote Production 1.0)

It was March 2020, I was mentally preparing for a busy season of video production. Undoubtedly, I would be whisked away to any number of different destinations through the end of the year, staying in countless hotels and racking up all those frequent flyer miles. As I was making a mental note of my travel “must-haves” to preemptively pack in preparation for what we were predicting would be a busy season, I caught an earful of the news. The NBA was postponing their season because of COVID-19.  Um…what?

Yes, the virus became real for me when professional sports decided to shut-it-down. And while the first few weeks working remotely proved a welcome respite from the slog to and from the office and having to dress like a grown adult, as the weeks ticked by it became clear that we were going to have to pivot and pivot HARD in order to keep...

The Watch Journey

You shot a killer video that the whole world needs to see.  You uploaded it to YouTube, anxiously waited a week before you checked your analytics for the stream of validation that surely would descend upon you as you see hundreds, nay, thousands of views rack up.  Your expectations are undoubtedly high -- hundreds of minutes of watch time.  Thousands of followers who will like, share and continue to fill your comment stream with a seemingly endless fount of praise.  And this, THIS video will be what vaults your destination into the stratosphere of YouTube fame as influencers beg to work with you and VidCon books you as one of its keynote speakers.

Except…no one seems to be watching your video.  Your analytics show a pitiful handful of viewers who stopped watching only a few seconds in.  Wah waaaaaaaaah.