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The Watch Journey

You shot a killer video that the whole world needs to see.  You uploaded it to YouTube, anxiously waited a week before you checked your analytics for the stream of validation that surely would descend upon you as you see hundreds, nay, thousands of views rack up.  Your expectations are undoubtedly high -- hundreds of minutes of watch time.  Thousands of followers who will like, share and continue to fill your comment stream with a seemingly endless fount of praise.  And this, THIS video will be what vaults your destination into the stratosphere of YouTube fame as influencers beg to work with you and VidCon books you as one of its keynote speakers.

Except…no one seems to be watching your video.  Your analytics show a pitiful handful of viewers who stopped watching only a few seconds in.  Wah waaaaaaaaah.


Online Video and the Importance of Storytelling

After a rousing weekend in Anaheim attending VidCon 2018, I’m happy to say -- long live the King! Storytelling still reigns supreme in the world of online video. And, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to, well, anyone. After all, humans are hardwired for storytelling. For as far back as we’ve existed on this planet, stories have been shared and passed down through generations—cave drawings, ancient religious texts – it’s as if storytelling is embedded in our DNA.

“Without stories, humanity would not exist. Stories help us explain our view of the world and share that with others to bind us as communities.”

(Cassie Roma, VidCon 2018)

In the realm of destination marketing, great stories can form the building blocks of trust, and trust is what motivates and persuades us to act (or book). As evidenced by the staggering...

…It’s Why They’re Called “The Talent”

Back in the day, I got roped into being in a bunch of fun, silly, behind-the-scenes videos that chronicled our shenanigans on the road – emphasis on the shenanigans.  Being one without shame, I have no problem being the slap-stick humorist, the self-deprecator on camera.  Maybe laughter is the mask I hide behind, but why is it that some people are born photogenic and some of us, well, look like a seasick walrus* on-camera even when trying not to be funny?

You’ve heard of someone having that “IT” factor, that certain je ne sais quoi.  Be in the presence of someone famous (even when you don’t know they’re famous) and you’re likely to find that there’s something magnetic about them.  But even among mere mortals, true talent has something there that transcends the boundaries of teachable skills or good looks (though that doesn’t hurt either).  It’s like the camera has this magic decoder that can peer inside the inner sanctums of the soul, or something.


How to Shoot Video with a Smartphone

Back when I started in video production in two-thousand…well, let’s just say it’s more years than I’d care to mention here, video was starting an epic journey.  Once the domain of strictly professionals (or very serious amateurs), technological advances were starting to make what was only available to some, available to the masses.  I would be even so bold as to say that not since the dawn of the camcorder in the 80s had consumer video production experienced such a tidal shift.

Video Pre-Production: It’s All in the Details

This blog post is a collaborative effort of the Miles Video Team of Emilie DeLong, Brianne Zulauf, Angela Massruha, Dustin Williams and Candyce Beatty

Recently, during a rogue “cold snap” here on the Gulf Coast, we were talking about our favorite cold weather indulgences. Among some common fan favorites (hot chocolate! cozy sweaters!), one of us mentioned a recent adventure making Beouf Bourguignon; a rich French stew and proverbial marathon of cooking with umpteen ingredients and preparation styles that would consume the better part of a Sunday afternoon. It occurred to us, while neatly slicing the mushrooms, that video pre-production is a heck of a lot like cooking. Stay with us here.

Much in the same way that the details of preparing the meal are essential to the end product, preparing for a shoot operates much in the same fashion. The finesse taken to extract the desired flavors out of your ingredients is the same attention to detail that’s required in planning: burning the pearl onions will ruin your stew, just like forgetting to obtain a permit may ruin your shoot! Ok, enough cooking metaphors, here’s the video team’s recipe for perfectly planning a video shoot.