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How to Shoot Video with a Smartphone

Back when I started in video production in two-thousand…well, let’s just say it’s more years than I’d care to mention here, video was starting an epic journey.  Once the domain of strictly professionals (or very serious amateurs), technological advances were starting to make what was only available to some, available to the masses.  I would be even so bold as to say that not since the dawn of the camcorder in the 80s had consumer video production experienced such a tidal shift.

Video Pre-Production: It’s All in the Details

This blog post is a collaborative effort of the Miles Video Team of Emilie DeLong, Brianne Zulauf, Angela Massruha, Dustin Williams and Candyce Beatty

Recently, during a rogue “cold snap” here on the Gulf Coast, we were talking about our favorite cold weather indulgences. Among some common fan favorites (hot chocolate! cozy sweaters!), one of us mentioned a recent adventure making Beouf Bourguignon; a rich French stew and proverbial marathon of cooking with umpteen ingredients and preparation styles that would consume the better part of a Sunday afternoon. It occurred to us, while neatly slicing the mushrooms, that video pre-production is a heck of a lot like cooking. Stay with us here.

Much in the same way that the details of preparing the meal are essential to the end product, preparing for a shoot operates much in the same fashion. The finesse taken to extract the desired flavors out of your ingredients is the same attention to detail that’s required in planning: burning the pearl onions will ruin your stew, just like forgetting to obtain a permit may ruin your shoot! Ok, enough cooking metaphors, here’s the video team’s recipe for perfectly planning a video shoot.

Top 5 Video Predictions for 2017

This blog post is a collaborative effort of the Miles Video Team of Emilie DeLong, Brianne Zulauf, Angela Massruha, Dustin Williams and Candyce Beatty

As we bid 2016 adieu, the Miles Video team takes a gander into the benevolent video production crystal ball to see what 2017 has in store. After consulting our video tarot cards, we have the following predictions for ways to elevate your tourism videos in 2017. Hold on to your Osmo, it looks like we’re in for an exciting year ahead!

#1: Sound Design

While it can mistakenly take second stage to the visuals, sound can make or break your video. Sound design requires thoughtful consideration and planning. Good sound seamlessly merges with the visuals to provide the viewer with an immersive experience; bad sound will distract your viewer, potentially destroying whatever message you were trying to convey no matter how beautiful the footage might be. Music needs to match the tone of the video and style of the edit. Voiceovers need to be high-quality...

Planet Drone: Videography is Only the Beginning

Earlier this year I talked about hot trends in video production, and one prediction that has absolutely soared to the top of everyone’s “what’s hot” list is video shot by unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) – better known as drones. 

2014 marked a simpler time in drone flying. It was the good ol’ days, a return of the Wild West but, y’know, in the sky. You probably heard news stories about drones potentially interfering with airplane flight paths, and even one especially intrepid drone that came in for a crash landing at the White House. As sales of drones continued to climb, it became more obvious that some form of regulation needed to be enacted in order to control where, when and who can fly – and, more importantly, provide clear guidelines so that all operators are flying safely. Limitations on hobbyists have been very reasonable on the whole, with very...

Fernweh and other Travel Untranslatables

I can remember watching Alice in Wonderland as a kid and thinking that Alice herself was a whiney, unappreciative jerk. Minus that whole Queen of Hearts, “off with her head!” stuff, here she is in this amazing, magical world that is so unlike her own and all she can seem to do is complain about not being home. Celebrating unbirthdays and singing with flowers, sign me up!

Yes, wanderlust is something that struck me hard, even as a child. As a kid, we did a lot of traveling. Granted, the kind of traveling we did was of the variety I would call “utilitarian” – mostly trips to visit family. However, my parents always inserted some off-the-itinerary adventures to keep my sister and I entertained along the journey (we were big on road trips). Submerging our hands into rust-colored earth as we searched for gemstones in Georgia. Pointing to a sign that led us...