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Keeping Your Digital Marketing Strategy In Line With User Expectations

Travelers are, by definition, people on the move, and it’s imperative that today’s savvy travel brands ensure their marketing messages move with them.

Below are three key ways for DMOs to ensure that their most important marketing channels and content connect with travelers wherever they are in the travel planning funnel, on whatever device they’re using.

Utilize Responsive Design and Cross-Device Targeting

In today’s multi-device world, users want information and data in hand faster, and they want it curated to their wants and needs. So we need to continue to deliver inspiring travel content and user-friendly planning tools across all devices. 

The number of available digital devices and platforms has exploded in recent years. As a result, today’s consumer is more connected than ever, with more access to and deeper engagement with content and brands. According to Ericsson’s overview of the global Internet market, 90% of U.S. households have three or more Internet-connected devices, just...

Usability Research Adds Value in Meeting Expectations for User Experience

“Travelers don’t understand travel industry labels.” 

We recently heard this feedback during initial user research done by Destination Analysts prior to launching a new travel website. 

As the creative minds marketing destinations to potential visitors, we start our web development process by putting ourselves in site users’ shoes to ensure we give them the best user experience possible—without giving them guesswork in determining what it is we are suggesting they do in whatever destination we are marketing to them. 

As storytelling experts, it is our job to tell a destination’s stories to inspire travel, not to confuse potential visitors or lose their interest by leading them off path with unfamiliar verbiage and dead-end design solutions.

Today’s site users expect intuitive...

Online Video is Key to Travel Marketing Content

It’s no secret that video is everywhere these days. Thanks to Youtube, Vimeo and all of the social channels that all our friends are sharing their special moments on, video is almost unavoidable.

YouTube receives more than one billion unique visitors every month – that’s more than any other channel, apart from Facebook. And as we all know by now, Facebook has video content on auto-play as you scroll through your news feed. By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco.

Travel-marketing experts need to plan accordingly, as video is becoming the expected content for almost all generations, specifically the Gen Y/Millennials audience. Destination Analysts recently released their research for The State of...

Designing an Emotional Connection for the Travel Industry

Travelers are always searching for the best way to plan their trip, whether it be a business trip, a vacation away from the business or a vacation from their vacation. We’ve all been there, right?

These all need some level of inspiration along the way. Depending on your personal career goals, you may or may not need inspiration for that upcoming business trip. But that family vacation must have some kind of inspiration and, of course, that so-called “family vacation” that turned into a total nightmare filled with work away from work will surely need some inspiration. That inspiration can come in many forms; for example, a destination marketing email you may have signed up for when last contemplating a getaway.

Clicking on said email might then bring you to one of the most beautiful, well-thought-out websites with all of the planning...