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You Need an Editor, Preferably a Hysterical One

In an era when everyone agrees that content is king, it’s puzzling that many organizations don’t invest in a professional editor or writer to create it. Everyone in marketing can open a Word doc and throw a few sentences together. Some might even excel at peppering those sentences with SEO keywords, drafting compelling copy and crafting artful metaphors. But a trained editor brings important skills to a content-marketing plan that go beyond just the words to establish trust with the audience and drive results.

I’m fond of saying that every editor or writer (terms I’ll use interchangeably) should be a little bit hysterical. A writer with a touch of “the sky is always falling” is the one you want to get with — that person’s assumption that everything they read is likely wrong and that they’re the only one who cares enough to fix it is your best...

ALIVE: A Colorado Travel Magazine Case Study

Miles worked with the Colorado Tourism Office to create a new lifestyle magazine targeting new and return out-of-state travelers. Summer and winter issues of ALIVE feature in-depth vacation ideas and incredible images delivered in an inviting, inspirational tone that speaks to the state’s “Come to Life” campaign. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive, with the first issue’s print run exhausted in less than three months. Even as DMOs continue to ramp up their digital presence, the success of magazines such as ALIVE reinforce the continued relevance and importance of print publications, and how targeted content can engage consumers across multiple outlets.


Is Anyone Reading Your Webmaster Emails?

You like to think that if you take the trouble to send an email to the administrator of a website, some thoughtful person will hear your concerns and respond with a thorough explanation that answers all your questions and give you a warm feeling that all is right with the world. For most websites, that’s probably not happening. But for tourism-focused sites, actually having a human reading and responding to webmaster emails can add a level of customer service that might just bring more dollars to your community.

A few examples: They Help You, You Help Them Of course, webmaster emails aren’t always a fun day at the pool. They’re occasionally creepy, sometimes contain tragic misspellings and often make requests you can’t possibly fulfill (“Help me find my long-lost uncle” or “Give me a job so I can move there!”). But reading through...

Take a Moment to Smell the Roses…In Your Home State

I grew up in Colorado, and to the dismay of my scenic-drive-loving, six-person-tent-possessing, camouflage-bedecked dad, I preferred the charms of city life. I didn’t venture much into the Rocky Mountain wilderness until my Texas-imported husband arrived on the scene wanting to explore all the places Colorado is famous for.

Consider just a few of the cool Colorado things I didn’t get around to seeing until my 30's

  • The otherworldly iridescence of Hanging Lake near Glenwood Springs
  • The softly surging cool waters of Medano Creek, which flow...

Tourism Day at the Colorado Capitol

Each year, the Colorado Tourism Office hosts Tourism Day at the Capitol, a chance for members of the state’s tourism industry to get updates on the legislature’s tourism spending forecasts and lobby for the importance of that funding for local businesses, taxpayers and the Colorado economy at large.


Carrieann Stutz, Deb Brannon, Hannah Brown, Kelli Chiri and Joy Hamilton give it the ol’ tourism smile. (Note: Andrea Kuskie, Deb Malone and Vicki Ottoson were also in attendance, but we got separated from them.)...