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Reassess Your Audience as They Reexamine You: 3 Tips for Effective Targeting

From timing to lodging to transportation, the pandemic has caused seismic shifts in the way travelers engage at every stage of the planning funnel. This also means the time is right to revisit who your target audience is (or isn’t) and how you’re reaching them. Here, Miles Account Director Hannah Hintz shares three tips for effectively adjusting your targeting and messaging strategy now.

Close to Home

Recently my worlds of tourism marketing as my profession and traveling as my passion have collided. In this pandemic era, I have been considering and planning for travel differently than before. I always try not to be a “me-marketer,” but the more I talk with fellow travelers and clients, the more I realize I am not alone in how I’m rethinking my approach to travel.

For example, daydreaming during the pandemic, I have put adventures in and around...