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Big Island Inspiration

Kilauea volcano has been the main attraction on Hawaii Island (a.k.a. the Big Island) for the past 33 years, and has always fascinated me. Of course, it has been around for a couple hundred thousand years, but it didn’t really start getting media attention until the early 1980s.

I’ve visited it several times, but until last week I had never witnessed the lava actually pouring into the Pacific. We had been above it in a chopper on a no-flow day. We had hiked to the bottom of it on a trail that could be called the mouth of the Earth . . . two incredible vantage points for sure, but nothing like the show we saw on our recent visit.

To get to the point...

My 2017 Travel Goals: 55 for 55

When I pinned a 2017 calendar on the wall today, the fifth day of the year jumped right off the page. If my birth certificate is accurate, I’ll turn 55 that day. I know what you’re thinking – 55 is just a number and age is simply a state of mind — but no, this palindromic gem is much more than that.

55 means I can move into one of those senior retirement communities. I won’t, but I could, and that’s nice to know.

‘55 was the only year the Brooklyn Dodgers won the World Series. They’re not my team, but I was born in Brooklyn, and that’s good enough reason to hold a cold pint and salute Dem Bums.

’55 was the year Gates and Jobs were born . . . and it would be a lot harder to write this story if I didn’t have a Mac or a PC. I’ll cheers them, too!

55 was the National Speed Limit the day I got my drivers license. I’ll have to “be that guy” for...

Shake, Shuffle and Roll

I always wanted to take a road trip based purely on chance, so for 48 hours I let a deck of cards and a pair of dice dictate my route.

My rules were simple: draw a card, then roll the dice. Spades meant head north, clubs south, hearts west, diamonds east. The dice would determine the number of miles until the next draw. So a jack of hearts followed by a toss with a five and a two meant go west either 25 or 52 miles – my choice. I added four jokers to the deck to serve as wild cards good to go any direction I wanted.

My starting point was a recent Saturday morning Green Bay, Wisconsin,...

Travels to Guam

I like arriving at a destination in the middle of the night and falling asleep to visions of my surroundings. This was especially true on a recent trip to Guam, with time and distance magnifying the effect. Daylight didn’t disappoint. 

Outside my window the powder-blue 82-degree water lapped atop a coral reef, and soon enough it felt as good as it looked. Darting fish and abundant coral looked great through my diving mask while deeper, shipwreck scuba dives beckoned. 

Guam is one-tenth the size of Delaware, so nothing is more than an hour’s drive from the action hub of Tumon Bay. It’s much...

Getting to Know the Competition

Starting in Seattle and using frequent flyer miles, our biannual Southeast Asia trip inevitably takes us over the Pacific. But with December business on the East Coast, we had options this year that included allowing us to hop over the Atlantic first and then continue that direction. One of the numerous enticing possibilities was flying Emirates with a 16-hour layover in Dubai.

As one of Miles’ Global Sales Executives who works exclusively on Brand USA international marketing programs, I jump at the chance to see "what the competition is doing." Oh yeah, little Dubai, and the other six emirates that make up the UAE (United Arab Emirates), are clearly an appealing holiday destination for many of the USA's target audiences on three continents.

So what are the Australians, Asians and Europeans finding so appealing on the sizzling shores of the Persian Gulf...