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Plan Ahead for TripAdvisor Connect

Big changes are coming to the TripAdvisor Connect CPC (Cost-Per-Click) Program. Up until now, only the major brands, booking engines and OTAs have had the opportunity to bid on their placement within the Hotel Price Comparison results in a property’s listing. This month, TripAdvisor has announced that by Q4 2013 (rumor is as early as September) independent properties will now be able to participate in TripAdvisor Connect and bid for placement. A self-service interface will allow properties and/or their agencies to set per-click bid and budget caps.

What does this mean?


Highlights from SMX Advanced

Last week I traveled to Seattle to attend the SMX (Search Marketing Expo) Advanced conference. The folks from Search Engine Land [] brought together top thought leaders and companies in the organic and paid search industry to geek out with us and go beyond the basics in their sessions. I primarily attended the SEO track, though I wish there were two or three of me to attend the concurrent sessions on paid and social. Here are five headlines I took away from the event:

1. Keep An Eye (or Ear) on the Direction Search Is Headed. Burdeep Singh Pall, corporate vice president for the Information Platform & Experience team at Microsoft/Bing gave the Wednesday keynote. He emphasized how the rise...

The Big Tuna: How Destination Resorts Can Reel In New Guests

In 2009, I was offered the opportunity to be part of the newly-created Hospitality division here at Miles. I'll be the first to admit I was skeptical. After 13 years creating websites and online marketing programs exclusively for DMOs, I spoke content strategy and SEO, not ADR and Rev-Par. Turns out, that didn't matter. Because for millions of travelers, the resort is their destination.

Yet resorts rarely take the opportunity to market themselves like a destination. Traditional resort websites are all about selling the room and the facilities. Sure, they'll throw in breakfast or 30 minutes on a paddleboard, but the breakfast buffet...