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Redefining Production Value: How to Make the Most of Your Video Budget

It’s a catch-22. DMOs and travel organizations across the globe have had their marketing budgets slashed in the face of the pandemic that brought the entire industry to a standstill. But as the world begins to rebound and travel returns, DMOs will need to market themselves more than ever to reconnect with travelers. The travel industry will have to spend more in advertising with a smaller budget. So when it comes to video, how do you get the most bang for your buck? How do you get the best production value?

What Exactly is Production Value?

Production value has traditionally meant how expensive your content looks. The more money spent on a commercial meant a better camera, better locations, better actors, you get the idea. More money = better quality. The difference between a $5,000 commercial and a $500,000 commercial was night and day, and while...