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The New Bermuda: Legend & Lure

The little fishhook-shaped island is going big: a bold new brand and a new Lure Guide have recently been introduced, and a new website is on the way.

First, let’s clear up a few mysteries about Bermuda, starting with where it’s located. It isn't in the Caribbean as many guess – it’s way out in the Atlantic, 600 miles east of North Carolina and almost 1,000 miles north of Puerto Rico. Bermuda isn’t near anywhere else and can’t be compared to anywhere else. Also, the temps are a bit cooler than you might imagine. 

Our team has learned a lot about the island. Beyond pink sand, great sailing, famous shorts and a tempting set of unofficial national drinks (the Rum Swizzle and Dark ‘n Stormy®) there are many lesser-known treasures. Otherworldly caves, blue-water grottos, a jungle and a UNESCO World Heritage Site (the Town of St. George) are just a few. You can get to Bermuda by plane, cruise ship or private boat, but you can’t rent a car when you get there – only residents are permitted to drive. Luckily,...