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Making Life Easier with Google Tag Manager

As the Senior Digital Analyst here at Miles, I get to do a lot of fun things: researching user behavior on sites, finding areas of opportunity to make sites easier for users to navigate, even digging through user agents to build filters to stop bot traffic.

One of the recent fun things I've gotten to work on is migrating a client site from a custom Adobe Analytics implementation to Google's Universal Analytics using Tag Manager. We've written about Universal Analytics in the past, Google's newest analytics iteration, and how it means changing code on your site to use a new javascript library. We haven't talked much about Google Tag Manager. Google rolled out Tag Manager in late 2012 and made — and continues to make — fascinating updates to it.

What is Google Tag Manager? It's a...

Update on Google’s Universal Analytics

After months of mystery and checking Google’s blog for updates, Google's Universal Analytics is out of beta! In February, we told you about Google's Universal Analytics, the next iteration of its analytics platform. Back then, Universal Analytics was still in beta, or Phase 1 of its four-phase rollout, when properties were able to upgrade to Universal Analytics but that much of its functionality would not, well, be functional until Phase 3.

Well, it is officially Phase 3. UA is out of beta and the majority of its features are functional, as well as the...

Universal Analytics: What You Need to Know

Over here at Miles’ Web Marketing Team Headquarters, we are constantly researching news, new features and trends in analytics, paid search, display advertising, SEO, user behavior, site development and design and digital usage in the travel space. Google likes to keep us on our toes with constant changes, additions and announcements about upcoming changes and additions to their product line.

One of Google's major changes was announced last fall, the rolling out of Universal Analytics, the new iteration of its analytics platform. Universal Analytics had been around before that announcement; it was an option you could select when setting up a...

Secure Search: Everybody’s Doing It

Yahoo and Bing move to secure search as well

So the dust has settled, mostly, on Google rolling out secure search for all organic searches through its search engine a couple of months ago. Those of us who deal with SEO and analytics have had time to go through the stages of grief and we’re at acceptance. At peace. But wait! Not wanting to be left out, Yahoo and Bing are also entering the secure search fray. Yahoo is going about it differently than Google, however.

With Google, marketers and analysts can still see referrer data and can tell how many site visitors got to your site using a Google organic search. The term used to reach the site is passed through as the dreaded...

Google Analytics Enhanced Audience Demographics and Interest Reports

It seems like it was just yesterday when Google announced it will be encrypting or "hiding" all user organic searches. If you're still trying to wrap your head around what that means for your site's SEO, well, you should just sit down and find a stuffed animal to hold tightly, because Google's not done with you, yet. Google Analytics has been rolling out several new features over the past couple of weeks that will be of interest to those of you who want to know more about the visitors to your site.

Wait, so it's good news? Perhaps this is some sort of gesture of apology for obliterating organic search terms. If so, IT'S NOT ENOUGH, GOOGLE! Put the frustration aside for a bit, and let's go over one of these new analytics reporting features. Google Analytics’ enhanced Demographics and Interests Reports are generating a lot of buzz around here and...