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Great American Food Stories

The Brand USA team here at Miles is well versed in the production of all things international-travel related, but we recently flexed our creative (and culinary) muscles for a project we had not previously tackled – Brand USA’s Discover America “Great American Food Stories” culinary initiative. Working closely with the team at Brand USA, Miles produced an exciting new edition of this culinary guide which “inspires the world to discover the destinations and tastes of our nation like never before.” The print edition of “Great American Food Stories” was published in six languages: North American English, International English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, and features regional profiles, chef highlights and, of course, a variety of quintessentially American recipes from across the nation....

Marketing America to International Travelers

As we’ve written about here before, it’s Brand USA’s mission to “encourage increased international visitation to the United States and to grow America’s share of the global travel market.” As an official marketing partner for Brand USA, we work closely with Brand USA on creating compelling content to target international travelers through print, digital and video content.

But what defines compelling content for different international audiences? What motivates a potential German visitor to visit the US versus a potential visitor from Brazil? We’re here to share a snapshot of that information with you for a few of Brand USA’s top target markets, as well as some Miles-produced examples.

United Kingdom

When potential UK travelers were asked “What motivates your desire to visit that destination?” in regards to travel to the US, the majority of...

Sunshine State Video Shoots Capture Media Attention

The last 22 months have been a whirlwind of activity for the Miles/Brand USA In-Language Content Team with more than 500 in-language travel videos in various stages of production, ranging from our first-ever video shoot in Virginia to the steady stream of videos being planned for 2014.

Our team has filmed in all four corners of the continental United States, and even in the unincorporated territory of Guam (only a mere 8,000 mile journey from our corporate headquarters in Florida!). However, it’s the team’s most recent Florida videos that have generated the most buzz. Thanks to a new PR initiative, Brand USA’s In-Language Content Program, Miles and our Brand USA partners have created quite a stir in the Sunshine State lately.

Recently kicking off what amounts to more than six weeks of filming in Florida, our team of videographers and native...