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Tips for Traveling with Kids

“Can We Come, Too?”

There is no doubt traveling with children can be stressful, especially infants and toddlers. There are times you feel like a Sherpa accompanying a caravan up Mt. Everest as you rush through the airport for that “quick” getaway up to Michigan from Texas to see grandma. It sounded like such a great idea when you hit the “complete purchase” button to buy the plane tickets… but now, here you are, rushing to the ticket counter carrying two huge car seats, a backpack, a diaper bag and an oversized suitcase you know will be over the 50lb limit, praying the flight is not delayed and your 5-year-old has to go to the bathroom…….

The other night at dinner I asked my wife and kids what their favorite family trip was. Believe it or not, my 9-year-old son said his was the trip to Texas I just mentioned. Not because he enjoyed watching his dad train for a second career as a...