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4 Tips for Creating Effective Sponsored Content

Sponsored content — editorial content purchased by a single advertiser — has the potential to give destinations and attractions exposure on websites with large preexisting audiences, drive organic traffic to advertisers’ websites and become valuable marketing assets. Here are four tips for creating effective sponsored content. 

#1. Keep it short

The average human’s attention span is reported to be less than 10 seconds —highlighting the affects of an increasingly digitized lifestyle on the brain, according to a study by Microsoft. To accommodate easily distracted Internet surfers, articles should be concise and easy to read. Outline the goals for the article (for example, increase hotel stays, promote a certain season, bring attention to local outdoor recreation, dining, scenic beauty...

Putting a Spin on Timeless Classics

The opportunity the travel industry gives us to be creative is one of the many joys of working in destination marketing. Because some things about our favorite places to visit often don’t change — like a state’s signature attractions — Miles’ skilled content creators and designers are constantly given the chance to shed new light on classic things to do.

For example, the National Park Service’s 2016 centennial allowed our team to create timely content that brings fresh perspectives to long-loved attractions: U.S. national parks, monuments, historic areas, forests, recreation areas and grasslands. From Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes and Wyoming’s Yellowstone to Pennsylvania’s Gettysburg and the Capital Region USA’s Chesapeake Bay, every state has its own claim to “America’s Best Idea” — so we were excited to promote the centennial and travel to our nation’s prized...

Maintaining Our "Roots"

It’s hard to believe that nearly two years have passed since we debuted Colorado Roots, a guide highlighting activities and attractions in the state’s often lesser-known — but no less incredible — rural areas. Now in production for the guide’s third edition, it has been amazing for our team to see the unique publication develop annually and witness how it has helped promote Colorado’s off-the-beaten-path offerings.

Produced with the Colorado Tourism Office’s Heritage & Agritourism Program,...

Content Managing: More Than Just Writing & Editing

From fact-checkers and email-crafters to webmasters and grammar specialists, it’s often difficult for me to describe everything we do as content managers at Miles — but the variety of work is one of my favorite things about the job.

Before I joined Miles in 2014, I worked as an automotive-aftermarket reporter for business-to-business publications, where my job was to write, write and … write. Sometimes I’d produce more than 25 articles per week, writing up to 30,000 words per month. I loved my job, but my role was very limited — for a reporter’s duties can be quite straightforward: interview, write, edit and repeat. 

Conversely, my duties as a content manager are constantly changing and evolving. Sure, I still do a lot of writing. But I also get to create content plans, make schedules, search-engine optimize articles for the web, research a destination’s latest and greatest attractions, collaborate with art directors and graphic designers to obtain the perfect images, work with clients to execute their brands and goals and so much more.

Some of my favorite projects this year...

Alive: A Colorado Winter Travel Magazine

It’s still summertime, but in Colorado, we’re already gearing up for the winter. Miles recently wrapped up production on Alive: A Colorado Winter Travel Magazine, a book packed with all the latest and greatest things to see and do on a winter vacation in the Centennial State.

Since 2013, Miles has produced summer and winter editions of Alive, which targets new and out-of-state travelers. A 2014 profile of individuals who requested travel information on indicted that subscribers to Alive are likely to be past or regular travelers to Colorado.

To appeal to that audience, the publications offer more in-depth information on activities, attractions and trends that are farther off the beaten tourism path and less general than the all-encompassing Colorado Official State Vacation Guide...