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Fundamentals of Creating Inclusive Content

Let’s talk about creating inclusive content. The goal of inclusive content is to ensure your messaging strikes a chord with everyone who comes across it. It’s about respecting and appreciating people’s diversity — whether that’s age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, ability, religion or sexual orientation.

Why Do You Need to Worry About Inclusive Content?

There are two main reasons for you to ensure your content is inclusive. First, we’re all businesspeople in this digital room: Inclusivity broadens your audience, which means you increase opportunities to market your brand, which, in turn, increases your bottom line. Second, it’s the right thing to do. Win-win-win.

There are myriad components of inclusive content — many of which are constantly changing. We’re going to look at two major aspects to keep in mind as you take steps to make your...

Finding Hope Through Travel Planning

COVID-19 couldn’t have come at a worse time for many travelers. Depending on where you are in the world, you have likely canceled vacation plans that were meant to soothe spring fever or realized you won't be able to take that one last trip before summer wraps up. I’m right there with you. I recently had to pull the plug on two of my own trips and would be lying if I said there wasn’t some very un-adult sulking involved.

As the situation has unfolded, however, I’ve realized that holiday fun isn’t where my focus should lie right now. It’s more important to practice social distancing for the sake of others. For my immunocompromised boyfriend. My aunt who’s in the middle of chemo. My 80-plus-year-old grandparents. And for all of your favorite people who...