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The Adventures of Geocaching

A unique way to have new travel experiences; anytime, anywhere!

About two years ago, Pokémon Go emerged as a new phenomenon that kids (and many adults) became obsessed with. The popular augmented reality (AR) game allows users to search for, battle with and train virtual characters using a mobile device’s GPS features. On any given day, people could be found wandering in search of these characters in real-world locations. I remember bumping into players so absorbed in the app, they weren’t paying attention to anything happening in the world around them.

My children were no exception to the obsession. They would always ask me to take them to organized events where they could search for Pokémon characters. Many days, my phone battery would be drained from hours of game play. As I watched them play at these events, I couldn’t help but notice they were completely ignoring the beauty of the real-world as they immersed...