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Finding the Travel Inspiration and Translating It to Your Content Marketing

I’m a Colorado native, born and raised in a small town called Basalt. Being a “native” (that is a very proud label to carry in Colorado), I feel safe to say that I have explored the majority of the areas of my home state; however, my recent trip to Durango reminded me that so many exciting travel experiences are so close.

Taking this inspiration from my own travels, I re-asked myself (this question comes up frequently), “How do ‘we,’ as travel destination marketers, tap into this charge of inspirational energy and translate it to our audiences to get them up and out the door?” The answer is the way we engage potential travelers.

Inspiration Through Visuals

The human brain is absolutely fueled by visuals. Show them before you tell them. First, offer the best imagery to engage potential travelers,...

Three Ways Your Pinterest Board Can Attract Visitors To Your Destination

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest offer marketing avenues that can be some of the easiest ways to connect with travelers as they are looking for inspiration for their next adventure. If you have chosen Pinterest as a one of your brand’s social media outlets, you will want to ensure what you are pinning is engaging and bringing pinners back to your site. Quality traffic from Pinterest will show where interest lies in the topics, places and themes you are pushing to the Pinterest world.

Pinterest is a great way to capture audiences at an early stage in their travel planning. 

Because of the appealing visuals and easy-to-use platform, Pinterest is a great way to capture audiences at an early stage in their travel planning. The boards, pins and...

Four Tips for Successful eNewsletter Campaigns

Over the years, the digital marketing community has been discussing the relevance and continued future of the eNewsletter. Despite the debate, eNewsletters are alive and well in the travel-marketing realm. Here are some tips for creating exciting eNewsletters that will make it to the eyes of potential travelers and won’t get buried in the inbox.

  1. Relevant Content Whether you are starting a brand-new eNewsletter campaign or you are refreshing an established eNews program, it’s always a good idea to become familiar with your audience. Are they seasoned travelers? Are they first-timers that are looking for inspirational content? These scenarios will sculpt your content plan to ensure you are providing fresh content that will engage and inspire. If you have a seasoned travel...