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3 Ways to Integrate Your Digital Advertising and Personalization Strategies

Brand experiences are stronger when they work together. Each touchpoint a potential customer has with your brand should build off the previous interaction, and guide customers to the next.

That’s why it’s important for your digital advertising and website personalization strategies to align. With the ability to alter your website experience based on a customer’s specific level of familiarity with your brand—and personal preferences—you can connect them to the most relevant content you have to offer, faster. 

Read on for three ways to integrate your digital advertising and personalization strategies.  

Account Director/Senior Content Director

Marketing Mother Nature

As the official agency of record for Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites, Miles has developed and is executing a long-term strategic plan to strengthen the Georgia park system’s marketing efforts to drive increased visitation and revenue through the coming years.

Basically that means we get to find creative ways to showcase the beauty of Georgia parks to potential visitors—and with more than 60 unique state parks, outdoor recreation areas and historic sites boasting ancient Indian mounds, a “Little Grand Canyon,” spectacular mountain vistas, waterfalls, caves, swimming holes, swamps and more, Mother Nature makes it easy.

In the first year of our partnership alone, we have:

  • Developed New Branding Miles collected extensive travel research and...
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Mastering the Media Mix: How to Plan the Right Media Budget for Your Resort

Attention, interest, credibility, desire, action. The goal of advertising hasn’t changed much in the last century—it’s the delivery method that has changed dramatically. In the travel planning cycle, this can be envisioned as a broad-mouthed funnel with a multitude of increasingly narrow routes. Each decision point or search refinement offers an opportunity for marketers to capture the attention of future guests. Understanding that all resorts have unique need periods, audience mixes, marketing objectives and media budgets, there is no standard formula to determine the right mix of online and offline spend. However, there are several considerations which can be weighed to guide you in crafting the right media mix for your particular property.

Prioritize your goals

With the goal ultimately to produce revenue, branding messages should be...

House of Marketing: Lessons from Frank Underwood for More Effective Marketing Strategies

If you’re a fan of House of Cards, and our anti-hero Frank Underwood, you’ve spent a lot of time the last few weeks binge watching the second season, and perhaps needing a shower to wash off the second-hand grime. As Frank continues to build his “old stone building that stands for centuries,” believe it or not, his strategies and tactics for power grabbing offer a road map for effective marketing. We’ll try not to give away any major plot lines here, but we’re sure you’re the type of person who will “throw a saddle on a gift horse rather than look it in the mouth.”

Set Defined Goals and Objectives

In the case of Frank Underwood, his goals and objectives are very easy to define – increase and build power. Everything he does, every action he takes, is evaluated against that defined goal. There’s nothing ambiguous about it. In marketing, we...

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Case Study: Co-op Success in the Sunshine State

We developed Miles Digital Direct in 2013 to provide smart digital solutions and strategic marketing programs for our destination clients and advertisers. Our first objective was to develop a cost-effective custom co-op program to generate awareness, traffic and results. 

And the Allegiant Air Sunshine State Co-op did just that with remarkable success.

Click here to read the case study.