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I'm with the Crew

1 I can remember getting the call on my cell phone at the age of 23: “I’m sorry…you want me to tour the state of Florida…on a giant RV…capturing the best of Florida tourism…there will be Behind the Scenes videos…and you’ll PAY me to do this?

I hung up the phone and immediately Googled “Miles Media” to see if the company even existed (it did) and then, I got really, REALLY excited. There were five of us on the road full time. Long Shot (videographer), The Skipper (our RV driver/production assistant), Mr. Focus (videographer), Sunshine (producer) and me, Sparkles (producer).


Destination: Capitol Hill

IMG_0363I can't think of a better way to start a congressional meeting than by passing around a container of Almond Roca. The almond-butter crunch treats are made in Tacoma, Washington, so it made sense for Washington State Senator Patty Murray's staff to put us all in a good mood with small doses of the world's finest chocolate and almond covered toffee. The first of our 12 congressional meetings was off to a good start.

There were six of us from Washington State in Washington, DC last Thursday to meet both of our U.S. senators and all ten representatives. We were just a...