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Guam on Film

Over the summer, the Miles/Brand USA team embarked on an exciting adventure to Guam to produce 21 videos in 7 languages. Five on-camera talents, two videographers and two producers spent more than two-and-a-half weeks filming and returned with tropical tales of beautiful beaches, friendly locals and creative cuisine (see pictures from the trip here).

The team sea walked, snorkeled, ATV’d, danced and shopped their way through this incredible island retreat, and had lots of fun along the way. This shoot represented many “firsts” for the program:

  • First shoot for Russian, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Taiwanese and American audiences
  • First all-woman crew
  • ...
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Google Lightbox Catalog Ads Digitize Print Guides, Engage Consumers

One of the biggest challenges with printed visitor guides has always been keeping them relevant in this increasingly digital world. We at Miles would argue that print guides still have an important place in a DMO’s marketing strategy, but as users turn to online channels more and more during their trip planning process, we’ve looked for ways to also make the content from those guides not only just available, but dynamic and experiential in digital formats.

Years ago we all started with the somewhat static eBooks, glorified pdfs that were not only hard to distribute but didn’t foster much engagement. Then came flipbooks, with more bells and whistles and embedded links – if you first downloaded the software to open it – yet still no impressive distribution stories. Finally, digital magazines appeared that didn’t require additional software and allowed readers to...

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Brand USA Expands Marketing Focus

The video we recently created for Blue Heron Beach Resort near Orlando marks a new chapter in our video offerings for Brand USA. We are now not only selling to destinations but to hotel properties as well. Expect to see more shoots like these come along, where the property – along with the destination – becomes the centralized focus of the video.

In fact, one of our videographers, Bogdan Zlatkov, is on an epic multi-day shoot at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs as I type this. Created by Miles with Brand USA and VISIT FLORIDA, the new Blue Heron Beach Resort video targets a Canadian audience. Hosted by Marieve Herington and filmed by Diana McGaw, it showcases all the family fun and indulgent activities offered by...

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Brand USA Launches Japanese Campaign

In its ongoing efforts to promote the U.S. to the world, Brand USA recently launched a multi-channel campaign targeting Japanese audiences. The Modern Honolulu, Denver, Alaska and Montana were able to leverage Brand USA’s $5.5+ million investment in the Japanese market by participating in this targeted program, which consists of a magazine-style print insert in Japan’s best-read newspaper as well as a dedicated email campaign and digital distribution. The six-week campaign, which launched in August, targets high-value, high-income consumers in the U.S.’s #1 spending overseas...

Surprise and Delight

Our Brand USA team here at Miles has recently been working on cover options for the 2014 Discover America Inspiration Guide. As with any creative process, there are rounds of internal review, followed by client review to ensure that we end up with powerful, memorable covers. A vital part of our review process this year was connecting with Brand USA’s in-country reps (also known as GSAs) for their feedback. Where there was no in-country rep, we reached out through other in-market contacts to gain audience-specific reactions to the proposed cover images.

Here are some images that are being considered for the 2014 covers:...