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Account Director, Miles Hospitality

Design for Performance

The pendulum always swings back.

Information overload has officially arrived.

Mindfulness, tuning in to the present – the act of shutting out the noise competing for one’s attention – has become a “thing.” A thing that must be taught, studied and diligently practiced to achieve. Where once we endeavored to improve our golf swing or up our tennis game, now it seems we must employ techniques to train ourselves to avoid distraction.

So, cruelly, just as technology has evolved to bring us visually dynamic functionality – like parallax scrolling, which allows for multidirectional navigation and wonderfully creative, narrative-driven websites with integrated streaming video...

Designing an Emotional Connection for the Travel Industry

Travelers are always searching for the best way to plan their trip, whether it be a business trip, a vacation away from the business or a vacation from their vacation. We’ve all been there, right?

These all need some level of inspiration along the way. Depending on your personal career goals, you may or may not need inspiration for that upcoming business trip. But that family vacation must have some kind of inspiration and, of course, that so-called “family vacation” that turned into a total nightmare filled with work away from work will surely need some inspiration. That inspiration can come in many forms; for example, a destination marketing email you may have signed up for when last contemplating a getaway.

Clicking on said email might then bring you to one of the most beautiful, well-thought-out websites with all of the planning...