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Head of Research and Insights

DMO Digital Program in New Zealand Hits a New High

nzMiles recently completed its fifth Digital Marketing Conference for New Zealand destinations. The conference, held in beautiful Lake Wanaka in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, attracted more than 60 attendees from 21 of the 29 DMOs in the country.

It was the largest and most successful event to date, receiving overwhelming positive feedback, including this note from Sarah Meikle, GM of Marketing, Positively Wellington Tourism: “THANK YOU so much for the...

Account Executive

Around the World in Berlin

IMG_0276We should have taken more than three hours and 24 minutes to go around the world today. At least we slowed down in Italy, and Turkey, for some heavenly doses of caffeine. And we did let the violins lure us onto the streets of Buenos Aires for a brief tango. Sure, we stopped again for a little samba show in nearby Brazil that was simply too much fun to pass. It was impossible to cross Africa without taking a little safari, too. Still, we should have taken more than three hours and 24 minutes . . . but work cut our globetrotting short. Oh well, I guess that's why we're here.