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Brand Strategist

Global All-Stars Marketing Institute 2014: Online Video as a Medium for World-Class Destination Marketing

These days a destination’s assets and appeal are top influencers for consumers. In fact, recent Google research reveals that 68% of leisure travelers begin researching online before they've even decided where to travel—which just goes to show how crucial it is to capture the attention of your target audience at the initial “dreaming” stage of the travel planning funnel. One increasingly important way to engage and inspire these potential travelers is through the use of online video.

One in three affluent travelers watch travel videos online.

A January 2014 study from Google and Think Insights showed that one in three affluent travelers watch travel videos, and 64% do so when choosing a destination. By 2017, digital video will be more popular than social networking (Google/Ipsos). Does...

Destination Marketing Optimization Webinar

With competition high for tourism tax dollars, it’s crucial for destination marketers to take advantage of every opportunity to entice travelers to select your destination for their next trip. Many marketers rely on their website as the primary resource to inform potential travelers, but is your website really engaging visitors as they research? Gray Lawry of Miles, Chase Curtin of Get Smart Content and Stephanie Hemmann of visitPA presented an exciting webinar on December 10 in which we transformed the meaning of DMO from Destination Marketing Organization to Destination Marketing Optimization.

Presented as part of Miles’ educational partnership with the Southeast Tourism...

Interactive Content Director

Buzzword of the Week: Progressive Enhancement

Ahh, An Event Apart. It’s been about a month since five of my colleagues and I were in Austin, Texas, for a two-day web design conference (plus a full day’s workshop on multi-device design), and I’m still digesting all I took in. In total, we sat through a dozen sessions with 12 different cewebrities speaking on topics ranging from using style tiles to drive responsive design (something we at Miles have been doing for more than a year now; we gave ourselves a pat on the back for that one) to creating content strategies which focus on quality over quantity.

Three things we kept seeing over and over again:

  1. Flame transitions
  2. Cat GIFs (everyone knows it’s hard to go wrong with a cat...
Brand Strategist

Miles Navigator Webinar: The State of the American Traveler in 2013/14 and Beyond

Last week Miles and Destination Analysts presented an informational and inspirational webinar surveying the State of the American Traveler in 2013/14 and beyond.

Travel planning trends

Managing Partners Dave Bratton and Erin Francis-Cummings of Destination Analysts focused on the major trends, issues and opportunities for destinations highlighted in the latest edition of their leading bi-annual research report. Chris Adams, Director of Research and Online Marketing at Miles, acted as moderator. Together we looked forward at major demographic shifts in travel behavior amongst Baby...

Brand Strategist

Global All-Stars Keynote: Mel Asbury

We’re excited to welcome Mel Asbury as this year’s keynote speaker for the Global All-Stars Marketing Institute on July 15, part of the DMAI Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida. Fresh off cultural awareness seminars for such clients as Coca-Cola and Visit Orlando, internationally renowned speaker Mel Asbury specializes in diversity training across international audiences. We know that overseas visitors stay longer and spend more when they come to the U.S., so Asbury will share cross-cultural promotion strategies that DMOs can implement to successfully market their individual destinations to a global audience.

Along with giving an overview of key marketing strategies that major organizations are using to market and promote their businesses in today’s cross-cultural global...