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Animated Gifs for Improved eNewsletter Performance

Summertime is upon us. A time to soak up the sun and feel the sand between your toes. The seemingly endless days and warm, playful nights are something we look forward to all year long. As adults, summer also inspires memories of “that place,” the place we loved to go to. From romantic weekend getaways to fun-filled family vacations, summer is a key season for the leisure market in the hospitality industry. 

Miles has been the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa’s full-service agency for five years, and together we’ve won a number of awards including Best Integrated Campaign and Best Hotel and Lodging Email Message at the 2015 Internet Advertising Competition. Never ones to rest on our laurels, we’re always looking for new methods to attract new audiences, while continuing to promote Hilton Sandestin’s overall brand message, “This is That Place...

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Google Takes On OTAs

Last week, some hotel properties received their first booking from an IATA registered to Google.

From a company whose latest innovations are eagerly anticipated, this major event happened without the typical online chatter and hyper-dissection, seemingly catching industry insiders and resort revenue managers by surprise.

Booking on Google

As the Google-registered IATA suggests, Google is testing a means of getting the credit – and therefore the commission and booking fee – rather than delivering the customer to a third party to complete the booking and simply collecting the click-thru fee. The transaction (including payment) is taking place entirely on Google, facilitated by an integration with Sabre accessing the resort’s commissionable rates through SynXis.

By partnering with Sabre – one of the leaders in hotel CRS systems – Google is...

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Service with a Smile: The Ritz Gitz It

Those who know me know I’m fanatical about good customer service, especially when it comes to the hospitality industry. You know, because it’s an entire industry BUILT on showing people a good time, and nothing does that better than treating them right. Offering excellent customer service is not all that difficult and makes a big difference in a customer’s experience – and that business’ bottom line. Yet most places still screw it up.

A flight is canceled without a simple “We’re sorry for the inconvenience.” A waiter barks “What do you want?” without so much as a smile or welcome. A store clerk takes your money without thanking you for stopping by. These are the things that drive me mad. But during a recent vacation at The Ritz-Carlton in Cancun, Mexico, I experienced first-hand what’s it like when a place totally “gets” it...

VIP Trend in Hospitality: Perks for a Price

When you work in the hospitality industry you probably receive, read, scan, glance, share and send thousands of articles and travel insights. During the winter season I received the U.S.T.A.’s Top 20 Articles for 2013, and one particular article piqued my interest.

The New York Times article from June 9, 2013, was entitled, “At Theme Parks, a V.I.P Ticket to Ride.” It brought up a trend we have been seeing where hotels, theme parks, concert venues, airlines and even healthcare have adopted a “tier” model with perks for a price. This article seemed to go on a bit of a rampage about Universal Studios’ new V.I.P Ticket, claiming that theme parks have always been the “ultimate melting pots” and a true “...

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Modern-Day Innkeeping Means Modern-Day Marketing

Innkeeping is a tradition dating back to early Roman times. Travelers were greeted and served by a proprietor when they stopped to overnight in an establishment that offered food, drink and a place to sleep. Through the ages, the tradition of innkeeping has evolved as the type of accommodations available to travelers evolved. This long-established tradition of hospitality grew into creating a welcoming, home away from home where management becomes the caretaker and host providing the experiences of their guests.

During this evolution, the one constant was that the innkeeping function centered on operations, or the guest experience. Even as sales and marketing efforts grew, there still remained silos with operations over here and marketing over there. However, the advance of technology and consumer control over how they receive or distribute...