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Planning My First Trip Abroad

About six months ago, my boyfriend and I were invited to a July destination wedding in Italy by some of our closest friends. Initially, I was ecstatic to say the least. I told anyone that would listen that I was FINALLY going to travel outside of the United States! Then, as the weeks went on, my excitement turned to gut-wrenching anxiety. As someone who had barely traveled within the United States, I didn’t know the first thing about traveling abroad! Luckily, here at Miles Partnership, I am surrounded by expert traveling fanatics who have been more than willing to share some of their international traveling tips. So, I felt that I owed it to any other nervous first-timers to share what I have learned so far.

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Getting to Know the Competition

Starting in Seattle and using frequent flyer miles, our biannual Southeast Asia trip inevitably takes us over the Pacific. But with December business on the East Coast, we had options this year that included allowing us to hop over the Atlantic first and then continue that direction. One of the numerous enticing possibilities was flying Emirates with a 16-hour layover in Dubai.

As one of Miles’ Global Sales Executives who works exclusively on Brand USA international marketing programs, I jump at the chance to see "what the competition is doing." Oh yeah, little Dubai, and the other six emirates that make up the UAE (United Arab Emirates), are clearly an appealing holiday destination for many of the USA's target audiences on three continents.

So what are the Australians, Asians and Europeans finding so appealing on the sizzling shores of the Persian Gulf...

Automated Translation: Are We There Yet?

While it has gotten more sophisticated and continues to improve, automated translation is loaded with serious drawbacks. That’s not to say tools like the Google Translate widget shouldn’t be used – if a DMO or hospitality company acknowledges it’s a flawed solution and is aware of the specifics of why that’s the case, it could be implemented for certain audiences. But understanding those specifics is paramount.

Here are some considerations for using Google Translate or other tools that involve automated translation: 

  • Branded phrases will likely not translate well. If it’s important that you reach the target audience with a clear branded message, human translation is the only way for the foreseeable future....
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Global Smart: Best Practices for Your International Visitor Marketing Programs

There are a wide range of exciting international visitor markets offering growth. Our Global Smart quick guide will help you work through seven steps to decide the ones that you should focus on.

Click here to download Global Smart: Best Practices for Your International Visitor Marketing Programs

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Chinese Travel to the U.S. Expected to Triple by 2020

We've all seen it coming: As China continues to rise as an industrialized nation, the natural correlation is more disposable income for their rising middle class. This translates to an increase in spending on travel abroad, with the number of Chinese visitors coming to the United States expected to more than triple by 2020.

According to a recent article in Time Magazine, “Tourists from China now spend more on international travel than tourists from any other country.” Spending on international tourism from 2012 was at $102 billion (as reported by the U.N. World Tourism Organization), up 40% more from the previous year. More than 80 million Chinese traveled internationally in 2011. In 2012, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce (Office of Travel and Tourism Industries), the U.S. had 1.47 million arrivals from China—an increase of 35 percent over arrivals...