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View all posts: Placemaking
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Placemaking Moves to the Center

Over the last decade, communities of all types have focused on the goal of nurturing, developing or making more “livable” communities. Now described as “placemaking” – this is a broad set of best practices, disciplines and design principles that have emerged in urban, community and destination planning and management.  Placemaking seeks to build communities which are thriving, sustainable, successful and enjoyable places to live, work, start a business, study and visit.  

The growth of placemaking has been fueled by clear evidence that there are powerful synergies in these outcomes. Cities such as Austin, Seattle, Portland, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Vienna, Singapore, Melbourne and Auckland not only rank near the top in various global “livability” indexes (i.e.: Mercer, The Economist, US News and World Report) but are also successful in attracting new businesses, new residents as well as new visitors and events.