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New 100% UGC State Travel Guide First Of Its Kind

When the professionals at Miles brainstorm new product concepts for our destination partners, we consider several factors before landing on the recommendations we ultimately present. The most up-to-date travel research, the latest marketing trends, our own forward-thinking ideas and – most importantly – our client’s overall goals all play a critical role in this process. 

And when all of those planets align, the results are pretty stellar. That’s exactly what happened when Miles recently published a groundbreaking new state travel guide for Wild, Wonderful West Virginia.

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Research Review: The Role of Print in the Travel Planning Process, 2009 - 2014

We wanted to share a short summary of leading research on the use of print by US Travelers, both today and its trends over the last 5+ years. With the increasing rise in the use of digital devices by travelers we often hear from industry partners that “print is dead” (or dying). However, independent research on the subject shows otherwise.

Indeed the authoritative State of the American Traveler research over the last 5+ years highlights that print usage has slightly increased (2009 - 2014) and print publications continue to have an important role in the travel planning process.

Review a summary of media usage research from the State of the American Traveler, 2009 - 2014*

A few key...