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Travel Writing

Looking for Travel Writers? Start with a Journalist

As a Senior Content Director at Miles, my work helping destinations tell their compelling stories often puts me in the market for strong freelance writers – a search that usually leads me to former newspaper reporters.

There’s no question the traditional newspaper industry as we know it is struggling, so it’s easy to see why reporters might be looking for extra work. But what is it about a journalist that makes him or her a particularly good storyteller when it comes to travel writing – or any type of content creation, for that matter?

You can attribute that to the same tenants of journalism they follow when reporting the news.

“Long before the advent of search engines, journalists were perfecting the craft of dynamic, interesting and informative content that could capture wide audiences,” the editors at Prose Media wrote in a...

What Makes for Good Travel Writing

“Anyone and everyone taking a writing class knows that the secret of good writing is to cut it back, pare it down, winnow, chop, hack, prune, and trim, remove every superfluous word, compress, compress, compress.” – Author Nick Hornby

Travel writing is easier said than done. Crafting travel stories that inspire travelers to visit a particular destination takes a lot of work. Even in the days of writing being referred to as “content,” we always strive to make it better. Internally, several Miles folks have been working together to find ways to improve our writing.

Here are a few:

Understand why people like a place and use that. Think about who should be interested in reading your travel article and why. People like different places for different reasons, so sometimes you have to dig around to find the appeal in a destination. You...

Writing About a Place

Some days I have to resist the urge to just pack my bags and go to some of the destinations described in the visitor guides I edit. Some places sound so cool – it could be the picturesque landscape, the attractions, or anything else that appeals to me. That’s how I know when a travel writer has been effective.

Working at Miles has really taught me a lot about the importance of good writing when it comes to marketing a destination. It’s a challenge to write about travel. You’re selling more than just the place itself – you are promoting the experience of a visit. You have to do more than put the idea of visiting a particular place in mind – you have to compel a person to take action. The content must sound authentic, reflect familiarity with a destination and target diverse audiences.

Take, for example, where I live – Tampa, Florida, part of...