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New White Paper: Responsive Design

When it comes to travel planning, mobile devices are used heavily both before and during travel, with 48% of travelers using a mobile device for aspiration research and 44% using it for planning. This trend, coupled with the fact that consumers move between devices – PC, tablet and mobile – when planning a trip means that it’s more important than ever for DMOs to have a solid mobile strategy.

The most effective way to succeed in this new multi-screen environment? Responsive design. Download the Responsive Design White...

Content Strategist

Travelocity to be Powered by Expedia. DMOs to be Powered by TripAdvisor?

This may be some of the largest travel news to come out this year. We all had a feeling that Travelocity wasn’t doing the best, but probably didn't expect this type of merger. Looking at what’s actually transpired in this agreement, it’s interesting to see how strong the Travelocity brand is, and that this merger is more about resources for Travelocity.

Translating this into the DMO world, it would be comparable to VISIT FLORIDA (or other DMO) continuing to market their destination, but have TripAdvisor be the source for information and activation for the destination. This would allow the DMO to concentrate on how to market their destination to visitors rather than invest in website functionality and membership agreements. It would also...

Video Creative Producer

The New

The new is live. Capital Region USA (CRUSA) is the official regional destination marketing organization promoting Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland internationally, in partnership with Destination DC, the Virginia Tourism Corporation, the Maryland Office of Tourism Development and the Metropolitan Washington Airports...

VP of UX & Optimization

My Responsive Design Isn’t Responding!

Unless you’ve been holed up in your Mayan apocalypse bunker for the last year, you’ve probably heard something about Responsive Design. Called by many names, and difficult to consistently define, Responsive and/or Adaptive Design are essentially concepts that aim to make the web easier to use on a wide variety of devices. More or less, the goal is to take a single piece of content displayed on a single HTML page and rearrange, reformat and show/hide parts of the content to suit different display sizes.

This is important, because where we used to be dealing with, say, three or four different browsers or operating systems, we’re now dealing with multiple browsers across multiple operating systems across multiple devices with wildly different aspect ratios and resolutions. The number of combinations is staggering and continues to grow on an almost...

DIY Travel Planning Strategies

One of the things that everyone who works at Miles has in common is a love of travel. Short trips, long trips, last-minute getaways, carefully planned vacations – we’re all on board for exploring new destinations or rediscovering old favorites. Most of my trips are of the last-minute variety, so planning is pretty easy.

However, I recently booked a two-week trip to Europe that required a LOT more planning than simply reserving an airplane ticket and a hotel room. In fact, if all my planning went according to… well, plan… then I should be in Barcelona by the time this post goes live, having already landed in London, taken the Chunnel to Paris and flown to Spain. Right now I’m either ogling Gaudi’s magnificent architecture or safely ensconced in a chic-yet-affordable Barcelona hotel.

Part of my job at Miles is working on proposals for ways our...