2013: The Year to Create a New Mobile Strategy

Published 2/21/13
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Greetings readers of the Miles company blog!

My name is Gray Lawry, and I am the Director of Media & Analytics at Miles. As a digital thought leader here at Miles I’ve decided it’s about time to start contributing to our online community and sharing some of the topics we speak about internally on a daily basis.

In my series of posts I’ll be exploring the following topics: digital media placements, paid search, search engine optimization, digital strategy, digital publishing monetization and, most near and dear to my heart, digital analytics. I know what you’re all thinking snooozzzz….. But I promise to keep the topic matter approachable and relevant to our industry.

So here it goes, the first post….

2013: The Year to Create a New Mobile Strategy
As a guy that’s constantly looking at web analytics – whether it be Google Analytics, Site Catalyst, Flurry or some other interface with charts and graphs – I’ve noticed the increase in mobile, but until recently I haven’t had the opportunity to look closely at the mobile traffic across our DMO partners. This week my team and I did just that.

We evaluated mobile traffic to three of our state partner sites and three of our regional partners. Here’s what we found:


We looked at our six partners’ mobile traffic for the last three years and, as this chart illustrates, there is clearly a rise in people planning their travel on a mobile device. If this trend continues this year we could see a third of all traffic coming from mobile devices.

We’ve known that this has been happening for a while, and many of our partners have mobile websites or are looking at making their websites responsive. But what we need to prioritize as an industry this year is the development of a strategy and measurement plan for these mobile websites.

To do this we need to ask ourselves some questions:

1.What does our mobile visitor look like?
2.Are they in market or out of market?
3.What is the desired outcome of them coming to our website? (That we can measure)
a.Downloading our mobile app?
b.Requesting a vacation guide?
c.A referral to a partner business?
d.Calling a partner business?
e.Mapping a partner business?

With our key performance indicators defined, the next step is to create personas for these visitors.

In my next post I will look at developing personas for the mobile DMO website visitor. Once the personas have been established I’ll create advanced segments and custom reports in Google Analytics so we can measure the performance of our KPIs across each of our personas.

Stay tuned or subscribe to see how this series develops, and thanks for reading.