A +K in Style

Director of Information Technology
Published 5/11/12
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Looking to (finally) get something useful out of your Klout score? A score of 40 or better will get you entry into Cathay Pacific Airline's First and Business Class Lounge at San Francisco International Airport, regardless of the airline you're flying. What's so great about that? Two words: Noodle. Bar. There are also workstations, shower suites, free WiFi, a bar, and just being able to say you get to hang out in the luxury lounge.

The jury may still be out on how useful the +K metric is, but it looks like marketing directly to social media influencers through Klout-based promotions is on the rise. It goes to follow (get it?) that subsequent business buzz will result.
Full details about the promotion here. Now, go get your Dan Dan noodle on!