A Tale of Two (Very Different) Travel Planners …

Account Director/Senior Content Director
Published 6/6/13
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My wife and I are taking our three boys to California this summer for a week of visiting family, seeing the sights and (we hope) discovering something new along the way. We both know we’ll end up having a fantastic vacation. We don’t, however, agree on the best way to plan it.

I’m fully entrenched in the wired – albeit increasingly wireless – world we live in, so I’m all over the internet absorbing information on places to stay, things to see and do, restaurants and shops to hit. I’m reviewing travel websites, soaking up user reviews, watching videos and following conversations on Facebook and Twitter. After a few days of doing that, I’m ready to book our trip. All online, of course. From my iPad.

My wife, however, is a print gal at heart. She’ll start out as my web-surfing partner, bless her heart, but quickly gets frustrated with the ability of most travel sites to deliver inspirational, informative content. (On that point, we so agree.) So after a few failed web sessions, she hits the library (like the actual building) and checks out a tower of travel guidebooks (like with an actual library card). She’ll cuddle up with Frommer’s and Fodor’s on the couch each night – bookmarking pages as she goes – and a few days later she’s also ready to book her dream trip. Then we’ll take what she’s found in her books, cross-reference that to what I find online, and come up with an itinerary that pleases all parties.

We’re living proof of continued research showing that print and digital content BOTH remain relevant in the travel-planning process, even in today’s high-tech world. Just like peanut butter and chocolate – “Two great tastes that taste great together!” – Amy and I approach travel-planning from two very different perspectives. But when the two come together, they create some pretty awesome results. This trip to Cali looks to be another winner.