A Tour of State Tourism Campaigns

Head of Research and Insights
Published 8/20/12
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Advertising Age has produced an interactive tour of state tourism advertising campaigns in the USA.  The combined marketing budgets of these offices is estimated at around $677 million per year. When city and other regional destinations are added, the total marketing resources of US DMOs approaches $2 billion per annum (Sources: DMAI 2012 DMO Marketing Activities Study and US Travel's 2011 Survey of State Tourism Budgets).  

In the article, you can mouse over the map to view the details of tourism advertising campaigns from 18 US States. You can also view a brief summary and creative from each state's campaign including TV advertising.

More: Advertising Age Online Article.   

The size and breakdown of US destination marketing organization's advertising budgets in 2012 is also introduced.  From information drawn from DMAI's recent Marketing Activities Study, the breakdown is as follows:  

  1. Print Advertising: 33%
  2. Online Advertising: 30%
  3. Television Advertising: 8%
  4. Radio: 5%
  5. 'Other' Advertising/Related Spending: 24%

The summary highlights the growth of online advertising and the continued strength of print along with the importance of "other" - a wide range of promotional and marketing activities from email, trade and travel shows and more.

More: DMAI Research "2012 DMO Marketing Activities Study"