Alive: A Colorado Winter Travel Magazine

Published 8/27/15
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It’s still summertime, but in Colorado, we’re already gearing up for the winter. Miles recently wrapped up production on Alive: A Colorado Winter Travel Magazine, a book packed with all the latest and greatest things to see and do on a winter vacation in the Centennial State.

Since 2013, Miles has produced summer and winter editions of Alive, which targets new and out-of-state travelers. A 2014 profile of individuals who requested travel information on indicted that subscribers to Alive are likely to be past or regular travelers to Colorado.

To appeal to that audience, the publications offer more in-depth information on activities, attractions and trends that are farther off the beaten tourism path and less general than the all-encompassing Colorado Official State Vacation Guide. Additionally, beautiful, inspirational images complement the text, which is written in a playful and engaging voice unique to Alive and the Colorado Tourism Office’s “Come to Life” campaign.

Visitors can subscribe to Alive when they request a copy of the Official State Vacation Guide on

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