Angry Birds Tourism Launching Worldwide

Director of Information Technology
Published 5/29/12
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Travel adventure promoted by a video game? When it’s the phenomenally successful app Angry Birds (700 million downloads), absolutely! All over, destination marketing organizations are utilizing the beloved birds and despised swine in their tourism initiatives.

Perth, Australia has been highlighting the characters on umbrellas and maple lollipops featuring the well-known shapes. Finland is home to “Angry Birds Land” built jointly with the game’s creator, Rovio, with more planned theme parks and playgrounds popping up worldwide. And now, starting June 1, feel like a (slow-moving) Big Brother Bird chasing Mustache Pig aboard Singapore Cable Cars. Specially wrapped cars will showcase the game and future events for their “Angry Birds Adventure” will include in-car and in-station video gaming, chirping and snorting audio and other workshops tied in with the brand. Let’s just hope those visiting Finland or Singapore fair better than this guy.