Brand USA Launches Japanese Campaign

Published 9/24/13
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In its ongoing efforts to promote the U.S. to the world, Brand USA recently launched a multi-channel campaign targeting Japanese audiences. The Modern Honolulu, Denver, Alaska and Montana were able to leverage Brand USA’s $5.5+ million investment in the Japanese market by participating in this targeted program, which consists of a magazine-style print insert in Japan’s best-read newspaper as well as a dedicated email campaign and digital distribution. The six-week campaign, which launched in August, targets high-value, high-income consumers in the U.S.’s #1 spending overseas market through integrated print and digital products. Each destination’s branded message reaches potential travelers in Japan to influence their travel decisions.

Check out the Japanese campaign’s digital landing page on

Below is an example of the program’s email component, which was sent out in two deployments to a total of 300,000 subscribers from active travel databases.

The Discover America insert may be written in Japanese, but the language of the stunning images within is universal:

We’ve gotten great feedback on the campaign so far and expect to have tangible results as of mid- to late October. Click here for more information about Brand USA’s multi-channel programs and other opportunities for U.S. destinations to reach global audiences.