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Head of Research and Insights
Published 2/27/14
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The latest Miles Webinar includes a close look at content - its impact and influence on travel and in particular the decision on where to go.

The January 2014 State of the American Traveler included a specific look at how travelers perceive content created and/or delivered by Destination Marketing Organisations. Only 40% of survey respondents rated DMO content as "usually" or "always" innovative, leading or "cutting edge." The survey also identified the content most likely to influence a decision to visit a destination: things to do, followed by hotel and airline costs, led the information sought by visitors still deciding on where to go. However, more than a dozen other content topics or interest areas were sought by around 10% of travelers or more.

The takeaway from the research was clear: Destinations need to invest in deep, rich content that covers a wide range of topics and DMOs need to work harder to create content that is developed, facilitated and delivered or that leverages technology in new, interesting and innovative ways.

For inspiration and ideas, Miles has compiled an online gallery of content examples of Destination Marketing Organizations across the US and around the world. View the Content Inspiration & Ideas Online Gallery here.

Consisting of both Miles clients and non-clients, this gallery of content examples illustrates 10 critical reminders for your content strategy and takes us from Christchurch, New Zealand, to Manchester, England, with stops in Santa Cruz, California, Portland, Oregon, Washington, DC, St. Pete/Clearwater, Florida, and more in between.

Of course, great content is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. A content strategy and plan needs to be carefully researched, planned, resourced and executed. Great content is a job for Destination Marketing Organizations that is never done. Chat with us about your content plans, the needs of your visitor markets and how we can help.

More: The State of the American Traveler January 2014 eight-page report Content Inspiration & Ideas Online Gallery Miles White Paper on Responsive Design Access a recording of our Understanding the State of the American Traveler webinar with Destination Analysts (February 2014).