Content Managing: More Than Just Writing & Editing

Published 12/1/15
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From fact-checkers and email-crafters to webmasters and grammar specialists, it’s often difficult for me to describe everything we do as content managers at Miles — but the variety of work is one of my favorite things about the job.

Before I joined Miles in 2014, I worked as an automotive-aftermarket reporter for business-to-business publications, where my job was to write, write and … write. Sometimes I’d produce more than 25 articles per week, writing up to 30,000 words per month. I loved my job, but my role was very limited — for a reporter’s duties can be quite straightforward: interview, write, edit and repeat. 

Conversely, my duties as a content manager are constantly changing and evolving. Sure, I still do a lot of writing. But I also get to create content plans, make schedules, search-engine optimize articles for the web, research a destination’s latest and greatest attractions, collaborate with art directors and graphic designers to obtain the perfect images, work with clients to execute their brands and goals and so much more.

Some of my favorite projects this year include visiting Yellowstone National Park to write a first-hand account of a visit to America’s first national park for the Wyoming Official Travelers Journal; serving as guest editor for Alive: A Colorado Winter Travel Magazine; and enhancing web traffic to articles featured on Washington State Tourism’s website using Google Analytics and BrightEdge (content performance marketing software) and search-engine optimization.

Our versatile skill sets also help us facilitate a company support system and share resources with other teams. The skills content managers acquire — including content auditing, project management, proofing and writing for print, web and video — are ultimately transferrable. So when another team is in need or has a project that requires additional brainpower, no one is ever left behind.

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